6 Ways to Turn Every Restaurant Customer into an Admirer

Why does a person run a restaurant? Certainly, the passion to cook and make a profitable business out of it. Unlike a retail business, the owners of a restaurant have a much complex situation to handle right from seating the customers as soon as they enter the door, having all items in the menu, taking orders and processing KOTs faster to kitchen and serve quickly, providing a hygienic and breezy dining experience and providing a good exit experience

Any slips anywhere and it could make the customers “HANGRY “(Hungry + Angry). Wouldn’t it be really great, if our POS software could manage everything?

1)Guest seating / Service
Get a visual representation of floor plan with occupied tables, reserved and free ones to instantly decide on seating of your guests. ServJoy order taking app, comes in handy for Stewards to take orders with ease and spend 100% of time with customers and serving them

2)Menu, Recipe and Pricing management
Profitable restaurants are those which offer the best taste consistently at the right rates. To manage it effectively, each and every menu have to mapped to their recipes till the ingredient level and monitor its inventory consumption closely to optimize cost and arrive at right price

3)Bye Bye to Noisy Kitchen
GOFRUGAL’s direct KOT printing and the order modifier option with privileges for additional notes directly on the orders helps the chef at kitchen to cook a perfect meal without raising a storm.

4)Being flexible and creative
Keep the restaurant buzzing by encouraging large groups to dine with group offers. Regulate traffic to restaurant by happy hour offers. Categorize customers into the regulars, corporates, students and offer discounts accordingly. Have the flexibility to be creative with your restaurant

5)Speedy Transaction
“Speedier transaction means, extra sales and happier customer”. GOFRUGAL’s touch interface POS with integrated barcode scanning and multiple payment modes reduces the bill processing time.

6)Customer Satisfaction
It is very important to know your customer’s taste. GOFRUGAL’s restaurant POS software helps you to understand customer dining history, choice of menus they enjoy and more. It helps a restaurateur to plan on future purchases and inventory and constantly tweak the menu based on customer preferences

Let all the daily operations in a restaurant be handled by our software so you can concentrate on getting fresh menus and offering better services to your customers