Retail App WhatsNow

This conversation happened between a customer Smartie & A GOFRUGAL employee Amit, It will help to understand what is WhatsNow and its benefits and how to use it.

Retail App WhatsNow

Retail App WhatsNow

Customer Mr Smartie : Hi
GOFRUGAL employee Amit : Hi smartie, we welcome you to GOFRUGAL solutions.

Smartie : I need some clarifications about WhatsNow
Amit : Yes Smartie I am happy to help you, please share your doubts/ requirements

Smartie : Now I Installed your WhatsNow app and I can access your demo version, How can I get WhatsNow App license?
Amit : WhatsNow App license is complementary with ‘on-time’ ASA renewal of GOFRUGAL POS solutions

Smartie : What if I missed renewing my ASA on time? How can I still get WhatsNow App?
Amit : WhatsNow App license can be purchased for Rs.6,000 / per user / per year

Smartie : How many licenses can I get?
Amit : Currently 1 WhatsNow license only accessible per store. In future additional license can be purchased for Rs. 6000 / per user / per year will be announced shortly

Smartie : Can WhatsNow retail app be connected to chain store outlets?
Amit : Yes, WhatsNow can be connected to multiple stores as well. Provided they also have a valid ASA

Smartie : For what all products is WhatsNow currently available?
Amit : Currently WhatsNow retail app works with GOFRUGAL RPOS7  and ServQuick product only. In future you can get connected with products like GOFRUGAL RPOS6, HQ, True-POS periodically.

Smartie : Can WhatsNow be connected with 3rd party POS application?
Amit : No, WhatsNow report app is an add-on which works only with GOFRUGAL POS solution

Smartie : What is the minimum OS version that supports WhatsNow app?
Amit : Andriod kitkat 4.4 and above, in iOS App store it will be launched soon

Smartie : How to integrate this retail app to my GOFRUGAL’s Retail POS ?
Amit : Refer this help link :

Smartie : What benefits do I get from this retail app?
Amit : If you get this app, You can Increase your sales & profits with right purchase, will earn more by rotating inventory faster also you can reduce your inventory wastage. It will help you to take the right decision all the time with anywhere access to right information and more benefits.

Smartie : What are the resources required to use WhatsNow App?
Amit : very good question Smartie, The following things are must to use WhatsNow licensed version

GOFRUGAL’s Retail POS has been installed and updated to latest version RC91.14 and above (Check system requirement)
GOFRUGAL WebReporter has been installed (version 5002 and above)
POS server with broadband connection which is able to do port forwarding to use the WhatsNow service.
Android Mobile version 4.4 and above with internet connection

Smartie : Amit, Thanks for sharing the information,  Now I got a clear idea about WhatsNow and I will try to implement the same
Amit: Thanks for your interest,  feel free to contact if any assistance required.  Have a nice day 🙂

Download WhatsNow
Download WhatsNow