Our Resolution for NewYear 2015 – help Retailers with complaint resolution is Assure time and enjoy uninterrupted business

Care for customers

Care for customers

Your retail employee : Sir, we have a problem with our Retail POS System, we need help

You (Proprietor / Owner) : Hmm, let me call the salesperson who gave us this retail POS System and see how he can help

The call generally ends with a pledge and a promise and lacks any assurance of results and resolutions

You know it, your business cannot wait, nor would your customers. Situations like these are scary and make you feel powerless to solve your own problems

As a customer, you have every right to demand best quality of support, but are left being powerless and unsure during the hour of crisis

Help, when it's needed the most

Help, when it’s needed the most

It is during such times that a retailer should consider the overall value proposition of a Point Of Sale Software Solution. The following are the questions one should ask to oneself to evaluate the support provided by a POS vendor –

  • Will I be able to instantly reach my POS vendor through a single hotline (read customer care) number for support? Thus support and service is a responsibility of a company and not individuals
  • Does my POS vendor have a centralized 24×7 support system similar to the way I reach Bank’s 24×7 customer care or that of Mobile networks 24×7 customer care? This will ensure guaranteed reachability
  • Will I be able to communicate my problems and get promised of resolution with finite time range?
  • If I do not get resolution on time or am feeling unhappy with support, do I have the power to escalate and demand prompt support?

As a retailer, with the above you will be paying for ‘Results and resolutions and not for promise and pledges’

At GOFRUGAL, we power retailers to make ‘Instant complaint registration to getting resolution on-time’. Our 24×7 Assure support at a glimpse –

Enjoy uninterrupted business

Support at GOFRUGAL

Hear it from Mr. Mahendra of Shringar Fashion group, Bangalore – “In the past 10 years, I have purchased 5 different billing softwares. Everytime, my experience with support had been a nightmare. I believed on a few friends in the company to get support, but when they resign or unavailable, I was stranded for support, forcing me to change the software itself

I curse myself for not having gone with GOFRUGAL earlier, today, am feeling at peace for the professional quality support that is offered. Most of my issues are solved with GOFRUGAL support agents through chats itself. Kudos to the support team”

Hear it from Mr. Sanjay, Selections, Shillong – “I have enjoyed with GOFRUGAL retail POS system since 2011. I have not had anyone from GOFRUGAL visit my store in Shillong, as there has not been any necessity. All my problems and issues were solved in assure time online”

Make the right decision by choosing GOFRUGAL retail software, who offers you the above professionalism in support and provides you the power to demand quality support and delivers consistent, reliable and instant support, allowing you to be at peace