Best POS Software for Retail and Restaurant Businesses in India!

A Retail POS/ Restaurant POS system or a point of sale software helps businesses add more flexibility to their operations by making the best use of the resources available. A Retail POS/ Restaurant POS software automates the business operations and offers the best operational structure by streamlining every activity and boosting the business revenue. Steps to choose the right POS software

Businesses supported by Gofrugal ERP software

& Footwear

Electrical, Electronics
& Computers

& Departmental Stores

& Fashion

& Healthcare

& Groceries



& Confectioneries

Bars & Breweries

Delivery / Take Away

Quick Service


Distribution Pharma
& Health Care

& Packaged Foods


Specialized Distribution

Key features of a POS system

  • Fast billing

  • Inventory Management

  • Business intelligence

  • CRM and Loyalty

  • Multi store management

  • Integrated accounting

  • Security management

Customer experience is the driving force behind any business. The key touchpoint that enhances or brings down the customer experience is billing and the time consumed during billing. Always look out for these key essentials of billing to offer a great shopping experience to your customers.

Proper inventory management helps you have good inventory control, improve your planning, ensure accurate order fulfillment to your customers and run your business successfully with increased turnovers.

Decision-making is a key factor in store management which needs a clear understanding of the real-time transactions in order to understand the customer base to offer services that will attract the customers and stay ahead of competition.

Repeated store visits happen only when you build a good relationship with your customers. Pull new shoppers and keep them coming back to your store with delightful offers

Successful management of multiple stores happens only with good optimisation and collaboration. Having a smart and proactive supply chain management will help you have real-time visibility across all the stores from a central location will help you manage business without any hassle and gives you the confidence to expand more

Having a separate accounting solution increases the manual work involved in accounts and eats up your time. When you have an integrated accounting solution with your POS, you get quantitative information about the finances of an organization eliminating the need to have a separate accounting software and double work to be done for posting entries.

Data is the backbone of any business. It is highly essential for businesses to protect their data by backing up in highly secured servers.

Why do Retail and Restaurant businesses need a Point-of-sale (POS) system?

Retail and Restaurant businesses need a POS system to automate the store operations and provide a simple and super satisfying shopping experience to all the customers. With a POS, you can track the pricing, inventory, purchase, and control your sales patterns from anywhere by analyzing the business performance to boost up the revenue. You can stay competitive, provide your customers flexible shopping options and increase convenience with digital solutions. A POS helps you streamline all the operations from purchase to sales, loyalty, CRM, multi-store management, accounting, and integrations and serves as a powerful tool to run your business successfully.

Benefits of using a POS software Retail and Restaurant Business

Remember that you can grow your business and scale up your revenue when you have the best POS software to run your business.

Offer the best shopping experience and delight to your customers

Automate business operations contributing to phenomenal business growth

Increase the quality, track the business and make timely decisions from anywhere with digital solutions

Gain high operational excellence with maximum security

Accelerate the success with digital solutions to maximize productivity

How to choose the right Retail/Restaurant POS solution?

Before choosing a POS system, you should understand that POS software contributes to your business in every area which is far beyond managing bills and transactions. Look out for these features and stay ahead of the competition to be the best in your business.

Manage multiple counters, accept payments and support mobile billing solutions to manage the peak hours efficiently

Attract customers with various promotional offers and discounts

Support to omnichannel solutions to acquire new customers and drive more sales

Accelerate the success of your business with digital mobile solutions

Expand your success by controlling all your stores with a centralized web-based supply chain management system

Boost your business without any barriers by having the freedom to integrate with third-party solutions

Eliminate double work with the support of integrated accounting software

Why is Gofrugal the best Retail POS and Restaurant POS software in India?

Gofrugal POS helps you serve the best to your customers and helps you embrace agility and transform digitally to stay competitive in the dynamic market. With accurate and reliable solutions Gofrugal retail POS solution remains the best POS software in India by offering customized features to the retail/restaurant businesses ranging from small independent stores to local chains and large enterprises.

Gofrugal the complete Retail and Restaurant Point-of-Sale software solution

Gofrugal offers the best solutions for retail and restaurant downstream supply chains, that are compatible and works on any device, available both on-premise and on-cloud. You can get 100% freedom to choose your device of usage, flexibility to get connected with third-party solutions using our integrations and open APIs.


Gofrugal POS solutions helps you source the right product based on their business needs and provide the flexibility to boost your business with the integration you require. Gofrugal POS software supports various POS accessories including barcode scanners, printers, barcode weighing scale, cash drawer, pole display, magnetic card readers, etc. You can also integrate with the apps and services that you use every day and run your business with ease having e-commerce, connected banking, payments, loyalty programs, accounting, ERP-based integrations, and many more.

Why is Gofrugal the best Retail and Restaurant POS software in India?

More than 30,000 retailers and restaurateurs trust Gofrugal POS software as the most reliable solution for their business growth. Join us to scale up your business and boost your revenue.

You can download Gofrugal's POS software by clicking below.

Before Gofrugal there was no consolidated platform to monitor the performance of my stores, and store management was a very big challenge as we handle different product categories together. Now we have complete control with Gofrugal Billing software, which helps us manage billing, inventory, accounts, purchase all in a single software that too from anywhere. Gofrugal is my reliable technological partner that helps me expand my business.

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