Benefits of Rice Traders POS software

Swift billing

Bill fast to avoid long queues, accept multiple payment modes to ensure faster checkout and delight customers

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Protect margins

Purchase rice in tonnes during harvest seasons, repack based on customer needs and increase profit margins

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Efficient inventory

Maintain right stock in multiple locations with accurate accountability of stock transfers between locations

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Customized pricing

Set different selling prices for retail and wholesale customers and attract all customer categories strategically

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Automated accounting

Manage all financial transactions with a centralized accounting system with on-time updates on GST compliances

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Insightful reports

Reports with consolidated data on all business processes to take instant decisions and to forecast precisely

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Change selling

Change selling prices instantly from anywhere, at anytime based on fluctuating demands, and do not lose the margin

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Expiry management

Estimate the duration and plan to liquidate the stocks before expiry, without affecting the quality

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Awards & Accomplishments

Glowing reviews from our Growing customers

Sree Devi

The software for supermarkets is of recommendable quality. It consists of user-friendly modules and reports that are highly valuable. Smart reports are highly beneficial and can be easily customizable. I am very thankful to the implementation and support teams.


Marinakart Warehouse

Gofrugal software is the best choice for supermarkets. It offers high-quality features specifically for retail businesses. WhatsNow mobile app provided by Gofrugal is highly helpful in accessing live reports, while other mobility apps offered by Gofrugal are also highly beneficial.


Prem Cheki

Gofrugal software is highly recommendable for Supermarkets and Departmental stores. We have been using Gofrugal's software for our store, and it has been extremely useful for us. The software's features are user-friendly and have helped us manage our store efficiently. We were pleasantly surprised at how affordable your software is, considering the range of features it offers. We would like to give them a well-deserved 5-star rating for their excellent service.

Restaurant on Tablet Screen

Experience exponential growth by going on cloud

Restaurant on Tablet Screen

Take control of your retail chain, and gain 100% visibility when you invest right in a Cloud ERP that has a lower operating cost, works smart, offline, and on any device. Enjoy accuracy and freedom to choose modules with Gofrugal's secured solution scalable capabilities!


All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

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Implement OnPremise ERP inhouse and run the business seamlessly without any dependency on internet. Gofrugal ERP is a go to software that helps in managing daily operations in a streamlined way with high accuracy, and make data-driven decisions with the help of technology.

Get complete control on your Rice mill chain stores with multi-location Fruits and Rice mill management software

Single point security
Price management from Head office
Centralized Master Data management
Centralized Financial Control
Compare your business performance & get real time business analytics.
Multiple business models or Multi-business model
kirana store management software

Best managed kiranas prefer to grow with Gofrugal kirana store management software, Find out why ?

Gofrugal's all-in-one software is user-friendly to manage inventory, sales, purchase, accounts, and CRM. Whatsnow helps access the business from anywhere, anytime. 24/7 support is very helpful, too.

Royal Touch Supermarket, Thane, Mumbai

Mr. Romil Shah, Owner

Repacking, accounting, reordering, and more are done easily. The 50+ built-in offer families and flexible offer customization is helpful to attract customers. Troubles in GST filing are resolved, and there are no CAs or accountants for tax filing now.

Momaiya Low Price Supermarket, Virar, Mumbai

Haresh Bhanushali, Proprietor

Gofrugal gave us the peace of mind that we longed for across 10 years. We were surprised to be equipped quickly and start billing on the same day of implementation. Tickets raised are handled immediately, and closed only after our satisfaction and acknowledgement.

Kala Stores, Coimbatore

Mr. Karthick Raja, Director

Single or multiple stores, Gofrugal kirana software is ideal for you

Retail supermarket POS

For every purchase made by your customer, incentivise them with loyalty points. Make every customer a regular customer of your store

Know the history of all previous purchase rate and margin for any item and have a better control in defining the margin you expect

Know your business performance for any period at a glance with the comprehensive business flashcard feature

Save 2-3 hours everyday in manual reorder. Our software will recommend re-order quantities based on your sales history of each item

Retail supermarket POS

Secure redemption of loyalty points by collecting the OTP from the respective customer, ensuring customer's loyalty points are protected and not misused

Retail supermarket POS
Retail supermarket POS
Retail supermarket POS
Retail supermarket POS
Retail supermarket POS
Kirana store software that automates daily operations sales, billing, ordering, purchase, inventory, accounting,crm, loyalty with insightful reports

Overview of Rice mill management software

What is Rice mill management software?

Rice mill software helps you in automating your complete business operations from purchasing raw materials, husking the rice to selling it with your expected margins to let you grow your business. A Rice mill management software helps you manage your production cost of rice and lets you issue and make receipts through the production journey to let you track the right cost involved and margins made. A Rice mill software allows you two purchase items in bulk for reduced cost and then repack to the desired quantity to sell based on your customer's need increase to your margin.

Why do Rice traders need a POS system?

Rice traders need a POS system to manage the right inventory in multiple locations in a single POS system and perform stock transfer and make invoices at different locations in a single system. A Rice software also enables you to manage the number of days the rice to be stored in your store to deliver the best quality to your customers and also helps you maintain the packing dates to prevent expiry of rice. The Rice mill management system also lets you sell on different packages and at the required weight and bill them rightly.

Benefits of using a Rice mill POS Billing and Accounting software

  • Bill what your customer requires with ease
  • Process faster checkouts and reduce customer's wait time
  • Purchase in tonnes during harvest seasons and repack the rice based on your customers need
  • Maintain shelf lives of products to ensure the stock leaves your store at the right time
  • Sell in required weight and different units to increase your margins
  • Manage your stocks rightly in different locations
  • Make invoices in different locations in a single POS and perform stock transfers between two locations
  • Let's you maintain different prices to serve both retail and wholesale to increase your customer base
  • Manage your complete production cost and the raw materials processed by mills
  • Map the right quantity required to produce rice from raw materials and manage your production with ease
  • View complete and detailed reports on all your operations like sales, purchase, production, inventory, and accounts
  • Manage complete accounting and your GST compliance with the Rice mill accounting system

How to choose right Rice trader POS software?

Look out for these features before choosing the right Rice trader POS software:

  • Faster and reliable billing from multiple locations
  • Complete inventory management
  • Automate your procurement
  • Shelf-life management to decide the time to be stocked in your mill
  • Batch management to sell the older batches first
  • Daily physical stock audits to manage your right inventory, wastage and records your shrinkage and pilferage
  • Security management with individual credentials for login to the system
  • Compliance with GST filing
  • Complete reporting and analytics for you to take timely decisions

Why is Gofrugal the best Rice shop management system?

Gofrugal helps you to automate your Rice shop to automate your business operations from procurement, stocking, repacking, invoicing with minimal skills and efforts. Gofrugal Rice mill software helps you to manage your complete production of rice from direct procurement of paddy from farmers and track your expenses, wastage during the production letting you do your production to increase your margin. Rice software also let's manage the production cost involved if rice is manufactured from other rice mills and helps you understand the cost involved in it and the wastage. You can also monitor your business operations from anywhere and change the selling price of your stock with the change in the market in a go. Gofrugal Rice shop software helps you manage your business operations in different locations and godowns.

How to download free Rice mill software from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's Rice mill software by clicking below.

Rice mill software free download