Benefits of Sports shop POS software

Catalog management

Set your online catalog with right product images for accurate tracking and visibility of items

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Multistore management

Manage different stores in a centralized system with no hassle in making on-time business decisions

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Inventory control

Keep track of fast-moving, slow-moving and non-moving products to make the right purchase decisions

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Real-time data sync

Experience real-time sync from both online websites and offline stores to ensure up-to-date inventory

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Insight reports

Generate customized reports that can track past transactions to help you devise future strategies

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Returns management

Don't worry about managing the damaged products and experience easy returns and replenishment

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Offer customized pricing for brands and customers, boost retention rate without letting your margins suffer

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Faster checkouts

Offer a seamless shopping experience with faster checkouts and avoid manual errors using barcode scanners

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Experience exponential growth by going on cloud

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Take control of your retail chain, and gain 100% visibility when you invest right in a Cloud ERP that has a lower operating cost, works smart, offline, and on any device. Enjoy accuracy and freedom to choose modules with Gofrugal's secured solution scalable capabilities!


All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

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Implement OnPremise ERP inhouse and run the business seamlessly without any dependency on internet. Gofrugal ERP is a go to software that helps in managing daily operations in a streamlined way with high accuracy, and make data-driven decisions with the help of technology.

Complete control on multi-location Sports Shop with our Sports Shop Managementsoftware

Redeem from any store: Centralized Loyalty with OTP, gift vouchers and discount coupons
No loss of sales due to zero stock. Look up stocks from other stores and win deals
Configure outlet specific offers and festive season pricing right from HO
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
Centralized Master data and Integrated accounting
Free up working capital with excess stock transfer from any outlet to performing outlets
POS software for multi sports store

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Gofrugal's barcoding made a huge difference! Tracking inventory became easy and met our business needs perfectly. Sales went up, and we're able to complete tasks quickly with efficient barcode scanning.

Shyam Scooter, Indore

Shyam Pamnani

RPOS7 is the perfect fit for my business. With WhatsNow's one-touch control, I can manage real-time sales, stock updates, and track the history of fast-moving items effortlessly.


Anil Kumar

Gofrugal's software helps us with net trade, web orders, and bills in five to six seconds. We reduced our inventory from 37 to 25 days, and the gross profit increased from 16% to 21%.

Muthu Group

E. Gnanam, Founder & Chairman

Some of our special features, custom made for your business

Specialized retail software

Categorise products based on the sport, customer age and efficiently manage inventory. Combo offers, kit products and relative offers to boost sales

Are you selling to different customer types - walkins, regular customers, corporates etc.? Maintain different price levels for the same product and sell with ease

Specialized retail software

Maintain pet products based on categories like grooming kits, accessories and medicines with their expiry dates and more

Easily manage fast changing and large inventory of auto parts by categorizing them on vehicle brand, type, name and more. Replenish faster by stocking the right inventory

Specialized retail software

Want to suggest books to customers based on authors? Easily filter by author name and genre, quickly track with ISBN codes and suggest related books to customers

Specialized retail software

Deliver on-time service by effectively managing appointments from customers. Assign services to your employees with relevant tasks and manage their schedule

Specialized retail software
Specialized retail software
Specialized retail software
Specialized retail software
Specialized retail software
Specialized retail software
Ecommerce integration for auto parts shop

Integrate POS with your
E-commerce Business

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

User-friendly POS and billing solution developed for specialized retailing Sports shop that helps the retailers to categorize and classify inventory properly for timely replenishment of stock and sales, reducing manual efforts and errors, pilferage and losses and provide an enhanced and smooth experience to your customer. Experience our POS Sports software trial free for 30 days.

Overview of Sports POS software

What is Sports shop POS software?

Sports software is a solution for Sport shop retailers to run their business efficiently. Sports POS helps in tracking the movement of every sports item from inward to the inventory till reaching the customer's hand. POS Sports shop software is a customized and integrated system that manages your sales, purchases, accounts, CRM, all in a single software. It enhances to expand your business and scale up high when you can manage and monitor multiple stores from a centralized system. Sports shop billing software reduces manual efforts and errors that result in increased efficiency and profit for your business.

Why do Sports shops need Sports shop management software?

A Sports shop inventory management software helps the stores,

  • Manage inventory of sports items with good tracking and control
  • Add items faster and easier using a bar code scanner during billing operations
  • Reduce manual efforts and errors
  • Manage shop accounts, billing, and generate reports anytime
  • Have customized pricing based on the customers and boost the retention rates
  • Set images with the products for good tracking and visibility of items

Benefits of using a sports POS system

There are various benefits that Sports shop businesses can enjoy when they use sports POS software.

  • Gains complete inventory control, have a track of each item, and purchase transactions to have more visibility
  • Manages the damaged products with easy returns and replenishment of products
  • Minimizes errors and repetitive tasks
  • Tracks individual products based on their categories and combinations
  • Reduces manual errors by updating stocks simultaneously while billing

How to choose the right POS software for a sports shop?

Look out for these features before selecting your POS Sports software.

  • Support to maintain different categories, colors, and variants for item
  • Configure multiple tax levels for an item with variance in the price
  • Processes faster checkouts with barcode scanners, other integrations and helps to maintain multiple barcodes
  • Different price levels for wholesale and retail sales
  • Highlight the non-moving stocks with reports of them
  • Live updates of stocks with good inventory control
  • Loyalty programs to make customers feel recognized and special
  • Business insights and reports of various aspects to understand your performance

Why is Gofrugal the best Sports shop software?

Gofrugal's Sports shop software helps you with solutions to overcome your hindrances and provides you complete control over your business from anywhere. Gofrugal provides a powerful on-premises or cloud-based sports shop inventory software that allows you to gain real-time insights over the operational performance and helps you take on-time business decisions from anywhere. Gofrugal simplifies all the store operations, replaces manual repetitive tasks with automation, resulting in high accuracy and customer delight which makes the way to scale your business.

How to download free Sports POS from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's Sports POS by clicking below.

Sports shop POS free download