Benefits of Cake shop POS

Kitchen Display System

Know live updates of your pastry and dessert orders without having to step into the kitchen with our Cake POS software

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Reduced table turnaround time

Offer your customers the delight of faster orders by reducing the table turnaround time with our Cake POS App

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Multi pricing

Manage multiple pricing for floors and seating areas and experience a faster billing process with the Cake restaurant POS

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Table Management

Map stewards and waiters to the table and enhance your table management with Cake Point of Sale and retain happy customers

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Business Insights and Analysis

Control your business with the snap of your fingers by using our WhatsNow as an addon with Cake Point of Sale

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Production and Recipe Management

Maintain taste consistency and attract a massive audience by mapping ingredients to the recipes using the Cake Point of Sale system

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Manage online orders

Integrate online orders from multiple food aggregator portals in a single window and process faster orders with Cake POS

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Manage multiple outlets

Experience seamless management for all your business outlets and franchises, harmonizing operations effortlessly under one unified hub

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Do you own a large Restaurant Business?

We offer you with solutions that are tailor-made for your business from our Panel of Restaurant Experts

We offer you Gofrugal's Cake POS system
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Rediscover your loyal customers and pull them closer to your business with GoAlerts

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Complete control on multi-location Cake shops with our Cake POS software

Auditing made easier with integrated Accounts module
Maintain same prices of items at all your restaurants from HO
Maintain same taste across your outlets with Recipe and Kit Manager
Manage purchases from HO to outlets with Centralized Purchase Control
Plan and stock your inventories based on best sellers with Centralized Inventory Management
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics
POS Software for multi restaurant hotel

The best Cake shops and bakeries in town prefer Gofrugal's Cake Point of Sale! Know why?

Gofrugal's inventory system reduced waste costs by configuring the right quantity of ingredients required to prepare a particular food item. We are also able to manage orders across our various outlets in a simpler and easier way.

Abi Sweets and Pastries, Chennai

Mr. Arivu and Mr. Deepak

Gofrugal and its fantastic features have helped us save 50% of our operational time. We are using Gofrugal in all six of our outlets and are planning to adopt it for our future expansion as well.

SRM Sweets & Cakes, Erode

Mr. Vinoth Singaram

Switching from fast food to a restaurant, ServeEasy offered fast billing, smart reports, GST summaries, inventory management, supplier tracking, and streamlined payment processing. The centralized dashboard for food aggregators kept us a top seller.

Tasty Kitchen, Chennai

Mr. Jey Charan

Exclusively designed for your Restaurant business needs

Restaurant POS

Get a comprehensive view of table layout and their relative status from order, reorder, due bill to bill

Choose the mode of dining with respect to each order for different service charges and packing charges in either case

Restaurant POS

Instantly send the orders to the kitchen while the KOTs are made. Update recipe status from the kitchen and track from the restaurant with Kitchen Display system

Easy and intuitive touch billing solution with item images for a quicker checkout

Restaurant POS

Map ingredients to the items, track consumption and stock your inventory pre-planned for new orders

Restaurant POS

Know your menu item quantities and their respective inventory stocks which will be handy during taking bulk orders

Restaurant POS
Restaurant POS
Restaurant POS
Restaurant POS
Restaurant POS
Restaurant POS
E commerce integration for restaurants

Integrate Gofrugal's Cake POS software with online orders from your website

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

A Cake Point of Sale is an effective solution to manage your orders, bills, inventory, wastage, accounts, and more. Forecast your business sales and enhance your strategies to gain exciting profits with WhatsNow application. Eliminate the need for depending on someone for the super-hit recipe and reproduce the same taste even after decades using Recipe Management. Offer delightful dining with the table management feature of Cake POS app. Sign up for the 30 days free trial of our Cake POS system and experience the free live demo.
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Overview of Cake POS Software

What is Cake POS software?

Cake POS system is software that eliminates the need for manual billing of orders and helps restaurateurs accelerate sales and profits with faster order processing. A Cake Point of Sale has many advanced features such as a recipe manager for recording your best-selling recipes, easy integration with online food aggregator portals, live notification updates on the sales orders and business insights, and an integrated feedback app to ease up the process of cake shop management.

Need for Cake shop POS system

Everyone loves cake. With so much craze over pastries and brownies, cake shops will always be loaded with orders. With back-to-back orders lining up, it becomes to handle each order with accuracy. Hence to ease this process, an effective Cake POS system is mandatory. A Cake restaurant POS eradicates the need for manual work and increases the accuracy, thereby producing more happy customers. In addition to order accuracy and hassle-free management, it also helps you with enhancing your business plans and strategies for rocketing up your sales.

Benefits of using Cake shop Management software

The benefits of using POS software in the bakery are:

  • A Cake POS system helps in reducing the table turnaround time of stewards by updating the order status of the item hot from the kitchen without having to step into it.
  • With the recipe manager feature of the Cake POS app, it is easy to record the super-hit recipes by mapping them to ingredients and their corresponding quantity.
  • A Cake Point of Sale system helps the users with business insights and helps in categorizing the best-selling and slow-moving items.
  • Business sales reports, wastage, and pilferage reports can all be accessed with just a tap on the phone by getting WhatsNow as an addon with Cake POS software.
  • A Cake Point of Sale helps in eradicating the need for shifting between multiple portals and streamlines all order details in a single window

Why is Gofrugal the best Cake shop POS software?

Gofrugal offers the best Cake shop POS software as it has designed its solution based on the business requirements that would help the cake shop owners attract more customers and gain more profit. As it streamlines the multiple orders from aggregators, it becomes easier for the POS users to access order details with a single domain without having to shift between portals. With efficient table management, the stewards and waiters can be mapped to the tables and help to create a hassle-free guest experience. Gofrugal's Cake POS system helps in easier and more efficient business operation by accelerating the sales profit.

How to download the free Cake shop POS and Billing software from Gofrugal?

Gofrugal's Cake shop POS and Billing software can be downloaded easily with just a few clicks.

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