Benefits of Gofrugal's Medical POS Software

Stock right

App alerts you on non-moving, ageing, margins and short-expiry

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Mobile billing

Beautiful front end for complex backend operations and analytics

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Touch integrated billing

Intuitive touch screen with multi-language support

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Get Omnichannel ready

Set-up your online store app and delivery management app effortlessly

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Increase sales with WebOrder

Online ordering for both retailer and distributor to increase sales

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Easy and intuitive

Integrated 50,000+ drugs index, scheduled drug register, manage batch and bill from day one

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Ensure 100% Expiry return

Automatically block drugs with shorter expiry during inward and sales and incur zero loss

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Smart Purchase

Get recommended quantity to purchase basis previous sales data, min-max quantity and more

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Upsell and cross sell

Manage inventory and sell baby products, cosmetics etc., Suggest related drugs, do more sales

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Push notification app for retail pharmacy

Do you want to know what drugs are less in stock, customer wise sales/history and discounts? purchase rate discrepancy summary, safety alerts, schedule register and other such important questions in your shop under 10 secs? Ask WhatsNow app

Complete control on chain medical stores with our multi-location billing software for medical shop

Excess stock transferring between outlets
All drugs from all stores - bulk Generic update from HO
Short expiry from all stores transferred to Warehouse
Transfer all non-moving stock to warehouse
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics.
Warehouse consolidates indents from all outlets and converts to a single purchase order
POS Software for Retail Chain Pharmacy

Trusted by 5000+ medical shops and Pharmacies globally

Overview of Medical Shop Management Software

  • What is medical store software?
    A medical store software is used to capture the activities of the medical store business and thereby helping the retailers to get complete inventory control, purchase right, sell more, protect margin and give actionable reports to grow consistently.
  • Why do medical stores need a medicine billing software?
    Gone are days when medical shops required only a data entry portal to print bills and measure the sales. In the world of personalization and growing competition, medical shops need a stable medical shop billing software that can give them the edge to retain and gain more customers without losing margin, stock right with accurate tracking of expiry, meet the statutory and pharmaceutical guidelines, all in a single retail medical billing software.
  • Importance of medical shop software

    - Managing the medical shop effectively with medical store management software will help in earning more profits, and have complete control by automating the store operations, leaving no room for errors.

    - Increases productivity when you have a medical store billing software with a proper stock management

    - Ease of billing with rack and shelf management, selling right products based on industry regulations with a medical shop billing software

    - Accurate inventory management possible with a medical store management software having expiry control and physical stock auditing

    - Ability to purchase the right products at right time with the help of medical shop software without losing margin

    - Get repeated footfalls with reminders to customers and loyalty management

    - One-stop medical shop billing software to manage entire accounting needs with in-built GST accounting and e-filing

    - Actionable insights provided with Retail medical billing software with reporting capabilities

  • How do medical billing software help retail medical stores?
    Having a retail medical store software,

    - Provide personalized customer experience with software for medical store

    - Complete inventory control with actionable reports from retail medical billing software

    - Operational excellence with end to end procurement management

    - Hassle-free compliance to statutory and industry norms

    - Execute timely decisions on the move

    - Increased sales and consistent business growth with a retail medical billing software

  • Why is Gofrugal the best medical store software?
    Gofrugal's medicine billing software empowers pharmacists to operate a business with minimal staff with least skills and empower them to grow efficiently with 100% accurate and reliable solution. Having a medical store billing software simplifies the business management by providing digital solutions for every business operation like billing, stock auditing, goods inward, stock picking, feedback management, online order taking, home delivery management, real-time reporting, and decision making.
  • How to download Gofrugal's Medical shop POS software for free?
    You can download Gofrugal's free medical store software by clicking the link below.