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pharma wholesale billing software

Effective inventory control

Transform your inventory investment into a highly productive asset with our pharmaceutical distribution software. Experience comprehensive stock tracking, including batch-wise control over transactions. Effectively manage expiry dates, minimize waste, and handle damaged items to prevent losses, all in a complete pharma software.

Efficient sales force management

Automate your medical representative operations from order taking to order fulfillment effortlessly with pharmaceutical distribution software. Take orders on the fly, issue receipts, monitor outstanding invoices, receive payments, and deliver orders faster. Moreover, our sales force automation app, EarnSmart, tightly integrates with our medical distribution software to empower salespeople to be self-driven with automatic route planning, target versus achievement tracking, and outstanding collection planning.

Seamless tracking of expiry claims and offers

Reduce reverse logistics costs by ensuring precise management of expiry terms using medical distribution software. Reclaim expired products and scheme offers from your suppliers to enhance profitability while cutting down costs on expiry waste. Strengthen retailer relationships by expediting offers and expiry return claims faster.

Fulfill orders quickly and accurately

Ensure timely order processing and dispatch to delivery addresses within promised timeframes with our wholesale pharma billing software. Get online orders from your customers anytime, process them instantly, deliver to customers with real-time tracking, and meet their expectations. With our dedicated pharma software, you can also maintain detailed order acknowledgments for accurate record keeping.

Key features of Gofrugal's wholesale pharma distribution software

Intuitive Billing
Consolidated Dashboard
Schemes and Offers

Intuitive billing

Streamline pharmaceutical billing processes with our intuitive and user-friendly pharma wholesale billing software, perfect for efficient pharma wholesale operations.

  • Manage batch control, multiple discounts, added charges, and taxes.
  • Maintain billing history and manage returns efficiently.
pharma distribution software's intuitive billing module

Consolidated dashboard

Monitor all business aspects centrally and efficiently with our comprehensive pharma software, offering insightful data for streamlined operations.

  • Access sales data by transaction, representative, company, and area.
  • Obtain simplified, impactful reports to facilitate informed decision-making.
medical distribution software dashboard


Efficiently automate purchase reordering by analyzing historical purchases and sales trends through our medical distribution software.

  • Predict reordering based on packaging and quantity as compared to past purchases.
  • Avoid overstocking by knowing what has to be refilled based on gathered insights.
pharmaceutical distribution software purchase module

Schemes and offers

Our pharma software lets you configure diverse schemes and offers, encouraging sales reps to sell more and boost sales.

  • Provide date-validated schemes and offers for products with precise validation.
  • Tailor offers to specific items or categories to drive customer engagement.
pharma wholesale billing software schemes and offers menu


Efficiently manage short-expiry stocks, and restrict billing. Pharma wholesale billing software assists in processing expiry returns and processing claims appropriately.

  • Get notified about expiry items, assign short expiry dates, and move items to different locations.
  • Return expired items from your inventory or from customers and get refunds or credits.
Expiry management in pharma distribution software


Gain complete visibility of stock and batches from procurement until delivery with detailed tracking at each stage using precision at our pharmaceutical software.

  • Keep track of received and issued stock transactions through detailed ledger reports.
  • Monitor stock details like purchase rate, quantity, selling price, and taxes on the Stock Inward screen.
Stock management in pharmaceutical distribution software

Sales force app to sell and earn more

Enhance sales representatives' performances using our pharmaceutical distribution software integrated with a sales force automation app by enabling your sales representatives to access stock, offers, and outstanding bills in real time while on the go using their mobile phone.

  • Facilitate effective route planning.
  • Reduce order turnaround time.
  • Print bills on the spot and process orders instantly.
online ordering portal for wholesale pharma distributors billing software

Faster order processing through an online ordering portal with credit terms and outstanding details

Help your customers order online with real-time stock availability around the clock from anywhere. Receive orders instantly and fulfill orders accurately and on time.

  1. Receive orders 24/7.
  2. Lower reverse logistics costs.
  3. Offer customers more flexibility to order at their convenience.

Complete control over your multi-location pharma distribution chain

Our digital solution grants full control, empowering you to refine operations efficiently, maximize resource utilization, and elevate overall performance. Here's a glimpse of the benefits offered by the Gofrugal multi-location pharma wholesale billing software.

  • Manage everything centrally, with real-time tracking for inventory levels, sales trends, and order processing.
  • Fulfill your customer orders with end-to-end integrations from order taking, processing collection, and delivery management.
  • Generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into performance, sales, and inventory across your entire distribution chain and make strategic decisions.
  • Take the stress out of managing finances from a centralized platform using our integrated pharmaceutical accounting software.
  • Customize our pharmaceutical distribution software to your specific requirements and workflows so you can seamlessly scale as you grow.
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Experience + Gofrugal distribution software = Delight

Gofrugal Pharmaceutical software has managed my Pharma distribution business very smoothly for the last 10 years. Their timely updates aligned with the market needs have helped me increase my market reach by 55%. More importantly, they resolve all my queries immediately giving me peace of mind.

Aadithya Pharmex, Chennai

Mr. Aadithya Kothari, Proprietor

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Overview of pharma software

What is pharma software?

Pharma software, specifically pharma billing software, is instrumental for pharma wholesale distributors, aiding in managing inventory, sales, orders, and accounting. This software automates operations that are crucial for efficient management of pharma wholesale and retail distribution businesses.

What are the benefits of having pharma distribution management software with integrated GST accounting?

Having an integrated GST accounting module in medical distribution software will help you have peace of mind with easy and flexible e-filing for GST returns and highly configurable GST reports based on the respective state's statutory norms. You can stay updated with GST and VAT reports, and financial accounting reports including bank reconciliation statements, trading profit and loss account, day book and ledger reports, balance sheets, GST and VAT commodity masters, invoice-wise opening balance entry, interest calculation, and user-defined outstanding reports in a single place using pharmaceutical accounting software.

What is the importance of using wholesale pharma billing software?

  • Efficiency and accuracy: Distribution management software streamlines and automates the billing process, reducing manual errors and ensuring accurate invoicing.
  • Time savings: Automating billing tasks saves significant time for your team, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of the business.
  • Inventory management: Wholesale billing software often integrates with inventory management systems, providing real-time insights into stock levels and helping optimize inventory levels.
  • Financial insights: The software generates financial reports, providing valuable insights into sales trends, revenue, and expenses, aiding informed decision-making.
  • Customer management: Maintain a comprehensive database of customers, making it easier to manage their billing details, credit limits, credits outstanding, and preferences.
  • Price customization: Wholesale billing software allows for flexible pricing strategies, including different price levels and discounts for various customer segments.
  • Compliance and regulations: The software often integrates tax calculations and compliance features, ensuring adherence to legal and tax regulations.
  • In essence, wholesale pharma distributor billing software plays a crucial role in optimizing the pharma distribution process, enhancing operational efficiency, and contributing to overall success.

What are the advantages of using pharmaceutical accounting software?

Having the best software for pharma wholesale business offers a frictionless experience from product order to delivery. It helps pharma distributors:

  • Reduce order processing and delivery costs by getting more orders per salesperson.
  • Control prices and enjoy higher margins by having multiple price levels and discounts for specific customers, customer groups, and product categories.
  • Track and optimize their stock, and automate reorders based on the minimum and maximum stock values.
  • Maintain complete visibility using quality outstanding collection reports with accurate financial accounting reports.
  • Replace expired, and damaged goods with complete item and batch tracking and simpler inspection and approvals.

Why do wholesale pharma distributors need pharmaceutical billing software?

In pharma businesses, having a robust pharma wholesale billing software system is essential to streamline business operations with single and multi-location billing. With pharma distribution management software, distributors can proactively automate operations to have complete inventory control with expiry management and virtual warehouse management.

A pharmaceutical distribution software also allows users to learn what's happening in their business on the fly from their mobile phone. This helps satisfy customers by fulfilling orders on time to grow their business.

Why is Gofrugal considered the best wholesale pharma distributor billing software?

Gofrugal's pharma wholesale software empowers pharma distributors to grow efficiently with minimal staff and little training by automating business operations, guaranteeing 100% accuracy. Gofrugal also provides the best mobile solutions for automating sales operations from the palm of your hand to take orders and bill on the go. You can measure and improve service levels with online ordering, and make timely business decisions by tracking real-time data from anywhere. Most importantly, all these will be integrated, viewed, and managed under a single roof: pharma wholesale software.

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