What is pharma ERP?

Pharma software is a robust solution for pharmacies, streamlining operations for medical shops. Facilitating digitization, it reduces manual paperwork, fostering operational efficiency. Pharma ERP software comes with insightful analytics, enabling informed decisions for cost savings and reduced overheads. Precision in billing, inventory management, patient data, and order processing optimizes overall performance for the business. With integrated accounting, GST, e-invoicing, and detailed reporting, a pharmacy ERP ensures accuracy and strategic insights. Beyond digitization, it's a strategic enabler, making pharmaceutical operations more efficient and adaptable in the competitive market space.

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Types of pharma ERP software

ERP pharma software varies based on the requirements and nature of the business


Retail pharma ERP software helps businesses achieve accurate and fast billing; track inventory, expiry, and breakages; maintain patient and prescription management and orders; handle accounting, GST, e-invoicing; create comprehensive reports.


Distribution pharma ERP software empowers distributors with order management, warehouse management, supplier management, comprehensive tracking, and tracing capabilities.


Manufacturing pharma ERP software is designed to align production processes and ensure regulatory compliance. Here, pharmaceutical ERP software focuses mainly on batch processing, quality control, and resource planning.

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What are the challenges in the pharmaceutical industry?


Regulatory compliance

Supply chain management

Product traceability

Demand forecasting and inventory management

Compliance with GST



Regulatory compliance


ERP software automates documentation processes, ensures data accuracy, helps with auto-filing GST, and facilitates reporting to regulatory authorities, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

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Supply chain management


Pharma ERP helps with purchasing the right products at the right prices, resulting in better ROI, achieving lower pilferage with perpetual stock audit, and brings clear visibility of the business's cash flow.

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Product traceability


Pharmaceutical ERP systems offer advanced batch tracking and traceability features, allowing businesses to monitor and trace each batch of medications from production to distribution with batch identification, real-time tracking, expiry date management, and recall management.

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Demand forecasting and inventory management


ERP software for pharma predicts trends in sales, manages the right availability of stocks at the right times, and drives purchases with automatic reorders based on business needs.

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Compliance with GST


Pharmacy ERP systems automate tax calculations, simplify GST filing, stay up to date with new regulations, and generates financial reports to help businesses make critical business decisions.

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What are the benefits of an ERP system for the pharmaceutical industry?

Product costing

Pharma ERP integrates cost data across the entire production cycle, from raw materials to distribution, and helps with informed decision-making, cost control, and improves profitability.

Regulatory compliance

Pharma ERP systems provide a structured approach to meeting and maintaining compliance, mitigating the risk of penalties and legal issues, and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.

Real-time tracking

The ability to monitor processes in real time enhances decision-making, reduces delays, and ensures swift responses to any deviations. This plays a crucial role in maintaining product quality, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Foreseeing scalability

Pharma ERPs' scalable architecture enables companies to adapt to changing demands. This flexibility ensures pharmaceutical businesses can proactively respond to market dynamics and position themselves for sustained growth.

Batch and distribution management

Precise batch tracking and efficient order fulfillment result in minimized errors, improved traceability, and enhanced overall supply chain efficiency.

Record management

By centralizing data and automating documentation processes, ERP software for pharmacies ensures accuracy, accessibility, and compliance with record-keeping requirements.

Supply chain management

Streamlined supply chain operations reduce lead times and improve demand forecasting, leading to better inventory control, reduced carrying costs, and an overall resilient and responsive supply chain.

Management of sales and marketing

Targeted marketing initiatives, personalized customer interactions, and effective order fulfillment contribute to increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and ultimately, sustained business growth.

Cost reduction

Through improved operational efficiency, resource optimization, and data-driven decision-making, pharmaceutical ERP software helps identify cost-saving opportunities for improved profitability.

Data security and confidentiality

Role-based access controls, encryption, and audit trails ensure only authorized personnel have access to critical data that protects intellectual property and compliance-related information.

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Why do pharma manufacturing companies need ERP software?

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Why do pharma manufacturing companies need ERP software?

Keep up with ever-changing regulations

Maintain compliance with evolving pharmaceutical regulations by leveraging an ERP system that adapts to industry changes seamlessly.

Maximum ROI and minimal waste

Optimize pharmaceutical inventory with precision, reduce waste, and ensure efficient utilization of resources at every stage of production.

Effectively allocate resources to meet targets

Streamline production processes, allocate resources effectively, and meet production targets with comprehensive management over production requirements.

Precision and consistency for adaptive and improved production

Maintain control over drug formulations, ensuring accuracy and consistency in production processes while adapting to changes and improvements in formulations.

Timely deliveries, reduced lead times, and peak efficiency

Optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain, from procurement to distribution, ensuring timely deliveries, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

Enhance customer satisfaction and optimize sales performance

Improve sales processes, track customer interactions, and manage orders effectively to enhance customer satisfaction and optimize sales performance with ERP-enabled sales management tools.

Key modules of ERP software for pharma companies

Product costing

Sales rep management and sales force automation

Sales analytics

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Inventory management

Batch tracking and traceability

Expiry management

Warehouse management


Batch manufacturing

Production planning and scheduling

Quality control

Financial management

Tax management

Expense management

GST and e-invoicing

Supply chain management


Order fulfillment

Demand forecasting

Regulatory compliance

Compliance tracking

Audit trails

Regulatory reporting

How can Gofrugal's ERP system help pharmaceutical companies?

Pharma retail

Pharma distribution

Pharma retail

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for quick billing

Quick checkouts

Experience fast billing with Gofrugal's Pharma ERP's user-friendly interface, offering intuitive shortcuts and quick searches. Try our dedicated billing app to bill when away from the counter.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for integrated accounting

Integrated accounting

Automate tax calculations, streamline GST filing, and stay up to date to meet evolving regulations. Improve your financial control with impactful reports.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for inventory management

Inventory management

Maintain optimal inventory levels with precision. Effectively manage expiry dates, safeguarding your margin by steering clear of overstocking or the risk of running out of stock.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for importing invoice

Import invoice

Enjoy the convenience of importing items directly from your supplier's software, saving time and effort on manual entry in the purchase screen. Enhance efficiency of purchase processes effortlessly.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for automatic purchase order creation

Prevent stockouts

Eliminate concerns about stockout situations with automatic purchase order creation. Learn the demand, optimize stock levels for that demand, and offer customers a seamless experience, all with automated precision.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for customer management

Customer management

Send targeted messages, exclusive offers, and timely medication reminders to improve customer engagement. Increase retention rates and foster loyalty with your valued clientele, ensuring a lasting relationship.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for online medical store

Online medical stores

Run your online pharmacy with Gofrugal's pharma ERP. Enable customers to upload prescriptions for reference and place orders within seconds using your personalized online ordering app.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for getting instant SMS and WhatsApp notifications

Instant alerts

Achieve precise price approvals and efficient discount management and receive instant alerts and notifications for key operations. Add an extra layer of control to safeguard your business operations.

Pharma distribution

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for sales rep management

Sales rep management

Easily order and collect on-the-go to improve customer satisfaction. Measure productivity, plan and schedule visits, and establish hierarchy-wise targets, commissions, and incentives to drive performance.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos to increase market reach

Increase market reach

Boost customer convenience with our online ordering portal. Provide special rates for hospitals and educational institutions, foster strong partnerships, and cater to diverse customer needs.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for expiry management

Expiry management

Meticulously track claims across the entire distribution chain. Easily manage offer and expiry claims with integrated product flow analysis, offering insights to enhance overall efficiency.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for batch-wise expiry

Accelerate distribution speed

Rotate medicines and cash faster, track inventory accurately across all warehouses, and employ batch-wise expiry controls to minimize reverse logistics costs. Streamline and ensure a profitable distribution process.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for control price and margin

Control price and margin

Implement multiple price levels and targeted discounts tailored for specific customers, customer groups, and product categories. Multi-format and multi-company invoicing ensures efficiency in your pricing and billing processes.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for credit and receivables

Credit and receivables

Enjoy effective control over credit limits and days for financial stability. Gain complete visibility through outstanding and collection reports integrated with our wholesale distribution software and financial accounting module.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for returns management

Returns management

Manage the replacement process for expired or damaged goods with complete tracking, simplified inspections, and approvals. Get credit notes and bill-wise amount adjustments, ensuring easy good handling and replacement.

Product screenshot of retail pharma erp and retail pos for consolidated reports

Consolidated dashboard

Monitor all business aspects centrally and efficiently with our comprehensive pharma software. Access sales data by transaction, representative, company, and area. Obtain simplified, impactful reports to facilitate informed decision-making.

How pharmacy retail works with Gofrugal POS?

Monitor all business aspects centrally and efficiently with our comprehensive pharma software.

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