Benefits of Gofrugal's Kirana billing software

Cloud technology

Pay for software and data storage as you grow and analyze sales data to win customers and promote loyalty

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Strategic planning

Get insights from Reports instantly, forecast the trends,take wise decisions and plan for the best ROI

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Optimized inventory

Automated Inventory control to maintain the right stock based on fluctuating demand, reducing storage space

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Precise purchases

Create purchase orders, convert them into purchase invoices and initiate purchase returns with automated solutions

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Omnichannel ready

Receive orders online, make 100% accurate stock picking, and perform seamless deliveries with mobile apps

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Payment integrations

Receive payments through cash, card, digital wallets, or UPI,ensure faster checkout and deliver delight

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Loyalty integrations

Convert walk-in customers to life-time shoppers with interesting, innovative and automated loyalty programs

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Automated accounting

Record cash transactions, conduct financial audits and ensure prompt GST filing with integrated accounting software

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Gobill Introduction
kirana shop software kirana shop software Touch billing app for Kirana shop mobile billing software

Pair your checkout counters with mobile POS and run your business in style

An efficient and productive queue buster

Get complete control on your kirana store chain with multi-location Kirana billing software

Single point security
Price Management from Head office
Centralized Master Data Management
Centralized Financial Control
Compare your business performance & get real time business analytics.
Multiple business models or Multi-business model
kirana store management software

Best managed kiranas prefer to grow with Gofrugal kirana store management software, Find out why ?

Simple and easy
cloud pos for kirana shop

Now, it's "sign-up, set-up & serve"

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Kirana store software that automates daily operations sales, billing, ordering, purchase, inventory, accounting,crm, loyalty with insightful reports Kirana store billing software free download
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