Benefits of Canteen Management System

Set and track Credit

Effortlessly track customer credit and set limits, enabling seamless monthly billing and accurate pending amount management in your POS

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Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Keep a close eye on your stock levels, track ingredient usage, and minimize wastage, ensuring precise and efficient inventory management

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Establish QR ordering

Enable your customers to order through a QR menu, provide a personalized experience, and go contactless on both orders and payments

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Provide Customized Orders

Be extra cheesy with customers by loading them with extra varieties of customized toppings and modifiers using our Cafeteria POS system

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Design Combo packs

Track the customer buying patterns using our Canteen Management Software and design their favorite combos to standout from competitors

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Optimize Order Management

Effortlessly manage, modify, and fulfill orders, ensuring a smooth flow of food service in your canteen and achieve culinary perfection

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Plan, Prepare & Provide

Initiate a well-defined production plan with pre-defined recipes and savor consistent taste with delightful flavors, round the year

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Reward & Engage Customers

Offer tailored discounts, offers on important days, and loyalty points to your customers, and convert them into your brand advocates

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Do you own a large Restaurant Business?

We offer you with solutions that are tailor-made for your business from our Panel of Restaurant Experts

We offer you Gofrugal's Canteen Management Software
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Rediscover your loyal customers and pull them closer to your business with GoAlerts

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Grab control over multiple Canteen/Cafeteria chain outlets with Gofrugal's Canteen Management Software

Auditing made easier with integrated Accounts module
Maintain your menus and prices across all your outlets from HO
Maintain taste consistency across your outlets with Recipe and Kit Manager
Manage your central kitchen to plan items outward to your branch outlets
Plan your purchases and stock based on best sellers with Centralized Inventory Management
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics
POS Software for multi restaurant hotel

The best Canteens and cafeterias in the market prefer Gofrugal's Canteen POS solution! Know why?

Gofrugal is the future-proof POS we needed to meet customer needs with promotional offers and continuous billing. ServQuick powers 30% of our growth, playing a vital role in building our extensive customer base.

Jody's Restaurant, Fiji

Ms. Priscilla Darshani

Switching from fast food to a restaurant, ServeEasy offered fast billing, smart reports, GST summaries, inventory management, supplier tracking, and streamlined payment processing. The centralized dashboard for food aggregators kept us a top seller.

Tasty Kitchen, Chennai

Mr. Jey Charan

Gofrugal's inventory system reduced waste costs by configuring the right quantity of ingredients required to prepare a particular food item. We are also able to manage orders across our various outlets in a simpler and easier way.

Abi Sweets and Pastries, Chennai

Mr. Arivu and Mr. Deepak

Exclusively designed for your QSR business needs

Comprehensive item list with images on your tablet and iPad for instant billing

Easy and intuitive touch billing POS that is capable of managing dine-ins, take-aways and deliveries

Choose the mode of dining with respect to each order for different service charges and packing charges in either case

Manage your toppings and modifiers from the order within seconds and give customers an express checkout experience

Efficient session manager for easy cash hand over to the next billing personnel.

Create, issue, return and recharge prepaid card payments

Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
E commerce integration for quick service restaurants

Integrate Gofrugal's Canteen POS with online orders from your website

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

A Canteen Management System is a one-stop-shop to manage your orders, bills, inventory, wastage, accounts, and more. Analyze the business report performance and manage your cafeteria business operations and access them anytime with the WhatsNow application. Eliminate the need for manual work by automating the end-to-end order processing, thereby creating a hassle-free and delightful dining experience. Sign up for the 30 days free trial of our Canteen Software and experience the free live demo.

Overview of Canteen Management System

What is a Canteen Management System?

A Canteen Management System is a Point Of Sale solution that helps restaurateurs enhance their sales, profits, and customers by eradicating the manual efforts involved in order processing. With the help of its key features like instant order updates, automated KOT printing, customized offers and combos, lightning-fast billing to avoid long queues, and integrated mobile app notifications, you can have complete control over your business operations with just a tap on the phone.

Need for Cafeteria/Canteen POS system

Canteen/Cafeteria owners find a hard time managing the crowd during each session. There are chances for orders to get misplaced, creating a frustrating situation for customers and stewards. Hence, a Cafeteria POS system is essential for maintaining a hassle-free and hospitable environment for customers. An efficient Canteen Management Software offers a peaceful dining experience with instant KOT printing and fast billing for reducing the order processing time that serves as the key to customers' hearts.

Benefits of using Canteen POS Software

  • Cafeteria Management Software offers a delightful guest experience by eradicating the waiting time of customers using express billing
  • With canteen POS software, it is easier to categorize the best-selling and slow-moving dishes. It helps to improve the quality of food items, thereby attracting more customers.
  • The canteen Management System comes with an add-on option for an automated order-taking application to carry out a wide range of operations like table management, split bill payments, real-time menu sync, and automated KOT printing.
  • With the wide range of customization of toppings and modifiers in the Canteen Management System, it is easy for the canteen owners to fill the heart and tummies of customers.

Why is Gofrugal the best Cafeteria Management Software?

Gofrugal offers the best Cafeteria Management Software as its features designed extensively to meet the business requirements of the cafeteria owners. With its easy integration and streamlining of online orders from different sources, it is easier to update menu and pricing directly from POS to online aggregator portals. With its add-on features like WhatsNow, and much more, you can experience effortless business operations from your mobile. Manage multiple kitchen outlets with ease using Gofrugal's canteen management software. Gofrugal's canteen software lets you enjoy serving customers even during peak hours without any hassle by offering automated KDS for live order status updates and instant KOT printing for faster billing and order processing.

How to download the free Canteen POS system from Gofrugal?

Gofrugal's cafeteria POS system can be downloaded easily with just a few clicks.Click the below link to download the free canteen pos software from Gofrugal.

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