Contactless dining software for restaurants

Enhance your guest experience with digital dine-in and go contactless on menu, ordering, and payments!

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Digital menu

Go completely contactless!

Guests can scan a QR code, browse through your menu, and place orders with zero human contact.

Ordering via QR Menu

Digital ordering

Fully integrated with POS for streamlined operations

Orders placed by guests are immediately relayed to the kitchen with zero manual effort by staff.

Kitchen display system

Digital checkout

Seamless checkout and feedback

Let your guests make payments and drop their feedback through a digital bill on their own devices without any contact with restaurant staff.

Digital checkout

Total control over your offering

Update your menu in real time. Add and remove items, and change prices without any hassle.

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Improving operation efficiency using contactless ordering

operations efficiency

Reduce manpower for dine-in operations and improve table turnaround time ensuring more orders.

Redefine your restaurant’s dine-in with digital ordering today!

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Ordering via QR menu

Overview of contactless dining software

What is contactless dining?

Contactless dining refers to a modern restaurant experience where customers can enjoy their meal with minimal physical contact from restaurant staff by ordering through a QR code placed at their table. The QR menu will be powered by the restaurant's POS software that facilitates ordering, menu viewing, payment processing, and other aspects of the dining experience.

What are the benefits of contactless dining software in restaurants?

Contactless dining software offers several benefits for both restaurants and customers. These include:

  • Minimal physical contact and maximum safety.
  • Reduced wait time and faster table turnaround time.
  • Improved order accuracy and efficient order processing.
  • Reduced operating and labor costs.
  • Better customer experiences and easy table management.

How can I set up a contactless dining experience in my restaurant?

Setting up a contactless dining experience involves the following steps:

  • Select your preferred contactless dining software. Choose a reliable software provider, like Gofrugal, that offers contactless dining solutions.
  • Create a digital menus that customers can access through QR codes and place them on the tables.
  • Set up secure online payment options to facilitate cashless transactions and let your customers check out without having to interact with the cashier.
  • Train your staff to assist customers using the contactless dining system when needed.
  • After establishing contactless dining, let your customers place their orders through the QR menus. You can manage these orders in your restaurant POS software, and your kitchen staff will be notified about the orders in their respective KDS.

How do contactless menus work?

Contactless menus, powered by contactless dining software, work by providing customers with digital access to restaurant menus. Customers can use their smartphones to scan QR codes placed on each table. Once scanned, the digital menu is displayed on their devices, allowing them to browse items, make selections, add kitchen notes, make special requests, place orders, check out, and settle their bills. This eliminates the need for physical paper menus and reduces contact with shared surfaces.

Why is Gofrugal the best contactless dining software?

Gofrugal stands out as the best contactless dining software for several reasons:

  • Gofrugal's software is intuitive and easy for both restaurants and customers to use. For customers, it's simply three steps: open the scanner/camera, scan the QR code, and place their order.
  • It offers a complete suite of contactless dining solutions, including restaurant management, recipe and production management, inventory management, a kitchen display system, restaurant CRM, accounting software, and online payment processing integrations.
  • Gofrugal's software can be tailored to meet the specific needs and branding of your restaurant.
  • Gofrugal provides excellent 24/7 customer support via phone and live chat for assistance in implementing their contactless dining solutions.