Benefits of Mobile Shop Management software

Efficient Serialized Inventory Tracking

Efficiently track inventory using serialized tracking like IMEI numbers. Gain control, traceability, and streamline management for better product visibility and customer satisfaction

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Customer Loyalty Program

Reward customers with points, combos, and targeted offers, available both in-store and online, to encourage loyal customers and increase brand awareness

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Versatile Payment Options

Accept credit, debit, gift coupons, UPI, and EMI payments. Track and manage various payment methods to enhance customer satisfaction in your Retail store

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Integrate with E-Commerce Platforms

Experience seamless integrations with popular e-commerce platforms. Synchronize inventory, sales, and customer data across multiple channels, online and offline

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Simplified Returns Management

Provide a seamless and convenient experience for customers. Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by simplifying the return process across online and in-store purchases

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Seamless Warranty Management

Effortlessly handle warranty claims, streamline processes, and maximize customer satisfaction with Gofrugal POS. Minimize complexities and maximize operational efficiency

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Optimized Price Drop Management

Track and report supplier price reductions with ease, ensuring prompt credit note management. Maximize profits and foster strong supplier relationships for better growth

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Salesman commission

Automate commission calculations avoiding chances of errors. With real-time sales performance data, monitor and motivate the progress of salespeople toward their targets and commission goals

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Experience the power of cloud technology to revolutionize your retail chain management.

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Invest in a Cloud ERP solution that offers 100% visibility, lower operating costs, intelligent offline functionality, and seamless accessibility across devices. Experience enhanced accuracy and the freedom to choose modules that suit your business needs, all within the secure and scalable capabilities of Gofrugal.


All in one ERP that makes your business operations easy

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Implement an in-house On-Premise ERP system and eliminate dependency on the internet, enabling you to run your business smoothly and efficiently. Empower your business with the seamless operations and high accuracy of Gofrugal ERP, an ideal software solution for managing daily operations and making data-driven decisions.

Complete control on multi-location Mobile shops with our Mobile shop management software

Redeem from any store - Centralized Loyalty with OTP, Gift voucher and discount coupon
No loss of sales due to zero stock. Look up stock from other stores and win deals
Configure outlet specific offers, festive season pricing right from HO
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics
Centralized Master data and Integrated accounting
Free up working capital with excess stock transfer from any outlet to performing outlets
POS Software for multi electronics store

Find out why top-rated Mobile shop retailers choose Gofrugal's Mobile shop inventory management software for their businesses.

After using Gofrugal's cloud solution for one year for our five outlets, we are confident with our business operation and decisions, especially the stock transfer between outlets.

Achme Communications

R. Jaisankar, Partner

My local software did not give me accurate reports, making inventory management, stock management, and financial operations difficult. Gofrugal helped me address these challenges, and I saw significant growth in my business.

Gurukrupa Electricals

Jitendrasinh Padheriya, Proprietor

Since we shifted our focus to online sales, Gofrugal's ecommerce integration is enabling us massively. Gofrugal is helping my vision of having Surat known for online electronic sales.

Modest Computers and

Nitin Kalsariya, Owner

Some of our special features, custom made for your business

A Simple, new-age billing application for super fast checkouts. Gobill is ready to delight its users with complete touch compatibility, multi-language support and extensive offline billing option

Planning on Weekend or clearance sales ? Just configure different pricing for different days and start selling. Plan less, Sell more

Customizable smart barcode to help you make informed bargaining with demanding customers

Make it easier for your sales staff to search products with their photos for quick billing

Easily categorize your items to their size, colour, brand, fit and more. Optimise your SKUs for better control

Simpify your complex purchase process with predefined purchase formulas for every distributor. Configure once and automate your purchase

Quickly identify your fastest performing and slow moving products with intuitive reports. Take informed decisions on next purchase

Auto calculation of tax based on item sales rate. Useful for footwear businesses where in tax is calculated on slabs of sales rate

Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
Retail POS
E commerce integration for Electrical store

Integrate billing software for Mobile shop

with your E-commerce business

Increase revenue potential and reduce operating costs

Gofrugal's software for Mobile shops is a complete retail solution for white Goods, PCs, laptops, and computer hardware. It simplifies your streamlining activities, such as booking sales orders with multiples, tracking delivery status, eliminating redundant entries by integrating the entire sales process (quote, sales order, reorder, delivery note, and invoice), etc. Bill using mobile billing software from a tablet or smartphone as well. Try Gofrugal's Mobile shop billing software for free with a 30-day trial.
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Overview of mobile shop software

What is mobile shop management software?

A mobile shop management software helps you serve your customers better by helping them experience experimental shopping with speedy checkouts. Having integrated CRM in your mobile shop billing software you to reach out to more customers and increase the customer retention rates and profit well. You can have a track of sales from anywhere, make timely business decisions, and have complete inventory control with a mobile shop POS software.

Why do mobile shops need a mobile store POS system?

A mobile store POS system is an essential tool that helps mobile shops provide the best customer shopping experience and run the business error-free with the help of digital mobility solutions. Mobile shops can make the right business decisions with actionable insights from real-time reports and notifications. Mobile shop management system helps the mobile shops with quick billing, stock management, customer loyalty, and integrated accounting software for the mobile shop to run the business successfully and facilitates the store to adapt the technology and meet the customer demands well to profit high.

What are the benefits of using a mobile store billing and stock management software?

A mobile phone billing software helps the mobile stores,

  • Have high productivity and gain more orders
  • Protect your margin by managing price drop and buyback exchange claims
  • Sell more by incentivising salesman with commission and target tracking
  • Reduce checkout time with superfast mobile billing software for mobile shop
  • Schedule tasks for the employees, monitor sales, and make intelligent and timely business decisions
  • Have complete inventory control, manage stocks and meet the customer demands with mobile shop inventory management software
  • Predict and purchase the right quantity to have optimized stocks available for the customers and win more orders

What are the key features of a mobile store billing software?

There are certain unique features customized and essential to run a mobile shop successfully. With a mobile shop software,

  • You can track every product from purchase to sales based on the serial, IMEI, and warranty numbers
  • Repair and services management to track warranty, resolution information and update customers instantly
  • Attract every customer with more than 75 offer types with complete loyalty management
  • Purchase the right stock always with smart reordering
  • Manage the outstanding, and other payment schedules easily
  • Fix pricing without affecting the margin based on the supplier landing costs
  • Earn more clearance in sales by configuring date-wise and product-wise pricing patterns
  • Exchange old for new products to give an addictive shopping experience with returns management

How to choose the right mobile shop POS software?

Before you choose a mobile shop software for your business look out for these fantastic features that support you to grow your business well.

  • Inventory management solutions that help you manage your stocks well for uninterrupted business
  • Cellphone POS for superfast billing to manage the sales during the peak hours and festive seasons
  • Highly secure, digital, and cloud solutions that allow you to track your business from anywhere
  • Integrated solution for accounting that simplifies and eliminates the double work
  • CRM, and loyalty tools for building a good relationship with your customers
  • Supply chain management to control multiple stores, track the sales, purchase, stock transfer, etc.

Why is Gofrugal the best mobile phone shop POS software in India?

Gofrugal's mobile phone store POS software helps you grow your profits and broaden the horizons in your mobile shop business journey. Gofrugal has 5000+ mobile shop customers trusting Gofrugal as their reliable mobile store billing software. With the Gofrugal mobile phone POS system, you can increase sales and boost business efficiency with minimum staff and the least skills. Gofrugal provides exclusive mobile applications for billing, inventory management, business tracking, online ordering, delivery management, and many more. With these digital native solutions, it becomes easy for mobile shops to handle the store operations and stay ahead of the competition.

How to download free mobile shop management software from Gofrugal?

You can download Gofrugal's mobile shop software by clicking below.

Mobile shop management free download