Benefits of Bakery POS software

Gain Inventory Control

Master inventory management to ensure that ingredients never deplete, supplies never spoil, and increase precision and productivity

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Plan, Prepare and Provide

Configure your recipe and optimize your production plan in your bakery POS, and savor consistent taste with delightful flavors, year-round

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Weigh Items Precisely

Integrated weighing scale to simplify loose quantity sales and detect EAN codes easily and bill them instantly for a faster checkout

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Unlock cashless convenience

Expand your bakery's payment options with multiple payment methods and integrations, and go contactless on both orders and payments

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Reward & Engage Customers

Offer tailored discounts, offers on important days, and loyalty points to your customers, and convert them into your brand advocates

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Manage Orders Seamlessly

Efficiently manage, modify, and deliver online orders on a single screen through an integrated platform for all food aggregators

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Get smart with GoAct

Gain instant visibility into sales, purchases, inventory, and more, all consolidated on a single screen, and make informed decisions

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Manage Multiple Outlets

Experience seamless management for all your bakery outlets and franchises, harmonizing production effortlessly under one unified hub

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Do you own a chain of Bakeries?

We offer you a tailor-made solution designed by our panel of Restaurant Experts for your Bakeries

Presenting Gofrugal's Bakery POS system
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Restaurant on Tablet Screen

Grow your business faster by going on the cloud

Restaurant on Tablet Screen

Make a smart investment for your restaurant chain and gain 100% visibility when you invest in a Cloud ERP that has a lower operating cost, works offline, and on any device! Enjoy accuracy with Gofrugal's secured solution scalable capabilities!


A one-stop solution that makes your business run smoothly

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Manage your business without reliance on the internet by implementing on-premise ERP. The Gofrugal ERP software helps you streamline and analyze daily operations in order to make more informed decisions

Take complete control of your inventory with your mobile!

Perform stocktake everyday during business hours to accurately track inventory status with real-time monitoring and live reconciliation. Increase employee productivity with system generated automated stock taking tasks and instant mismatch reports access anywhere, anytime.


Rediscover your loyal customers and pull them closer to your business with GoAlerts

GoAlerts is a cloud based real-time business monitoring tool to notify/send critical business information as SMS or E-Mail.

Absolute control over your chain of bakery outlets at multiple locations

Authorization and Auditing made easier with integrated accounts module
Outlet specific price management from HO
Maintain taste consistency with centralized Production and Recipe Management
Manage central/outlet level purchases with centralized purchase control
Stock your inventory and plan production based on orders with Centralized Inventory Management
Compare your business performance and get real time business analytics
POS Software for multi bakery shop

The best Bakers and Confectioneries in the market prefer GOFRUGAL solutions! Know why?

Gofrugal's inventory system reduced waste costs by configuring the right quantity of ingredients required to prepare a particular food item. We are also able to manage orders across our various outlets in a simpler and easier way.

Abi Sweets and Pastries, Chennai

Mr. Arivu and Mr. Deepak

Gofrugal and its fantastic features have helped us save 50% of our operational time. We are using Gofrugal in all six of our outlets and are planning to adopt it for our future expansion as well.

SRM Sweets & Cakes, Erode

Mr. Vinoth Singaram

Switching from fast food to a restaurant, ServeEasy offered fast billing, smart reports, GST summaries, inventory management, supplier tracking, and streamlined payment processing. The centralized dashboard for food aggregators kept us a top seller.

Tasty Kitchen, Chennai

Mr. Jey Charan

Specially designed for your Bakery Business


Easy and intuitive billing with item images and categories with GOFRUGAL Touch POS


You can now get all the table info such as steward, orders, bills, due amounts, KOT age etc., from the table summary screen


Get a holistic view of your business with the Business Flashcard module that comprises of order-type, KOT-wise & steward-wise sales and much more

Manage your recipes and their respective ingredients and reduce your overall wastage


Start tracking item status in the kitchen, orders and make changes to KOTs with Kitchen Display System

E commerce integration for bakery shops

Integrate Gofrugal's POS Software with your bakery Business

Increase your revenue potential and reduce your operating costs

A bakery shop point of sale that lets you manage orders, bills, production, waste, and accounts—all in one place. Give your customers a great check-out experience with ServQuick - iPad, and Web POS. Carry business reports in your pockets and access them anytime, anywhere, with the WhatsNow mobile app. Download bakery shop POS billing software and try our 30-day free trial.
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Overview of Bakery POS software

What is Bakery POS software?

A Bakery POS software automates the day-to-day activities of a bakery and reduces employee workload. It helps in all areas such as quick billing to bust long queues, bulk order management to plan, prepare and deliver the bulk orders on time, real-time reports on top-selling items, advance ordering and tracking real-time ingredient consumption.

Why do bakery shops need a Bakery POS system?

Bakeries are one of the favourite hangout spots for kids and adults alike, so they're packed anytime. Managing the crowd during rush hours and on special occasions can be challenging. To keep this process simple and on time, bakery POS software is essential. This POS system helps you manage advance orders, track inventory, monitor the shelf life of perishable items and perform quick billing. You can also use a cloud-based solution to run your business and access real-time reports on your mobile device.

How to choose the right Bakery Management Software?

The following factors should be considered before choosing POS software for bakeries

  • Intuitive user experience: Make sure that the Bakery POS software you choose is intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to use. It reduces training efforts and improves employee satisfaction
  • Online order Management: There is an increasing number of online food orders coming from food aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato. Ensure that the software you select can manage multiple aggregators on one screen
  • Inventory Management: Choose a bakery POS solution that eases out your inventory management process without any hassle. The solution should be equipped with an Inventory Management System that keeps track of all the inventory in different stages
  • Security: Strong POS systems should be equipped with the most advanced software security systems with full end-to-end encryption
  • Multichannel support: A POS system should be versatile enough to meet the requirements of your business, whether it is a standalone PC or tablet, local or cloud-based
  • Report Generation: The Bakery POS systems should provide deeper insights into your business that will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time to ensure you achieve the best results. With the data, you should always be able to see what the bestsellers are, repeat customers, lean and peak sale periods, and, in particular, the status of inventory and production

Benefits of using a Bakery POS software

The benefits of using POS software in the bakery are:

  • It helps customers to do a faster checkout
  • With bakery Point of Sale, you can monitor ingredient levels and alert you when an item is due to expire
  • By using Bakery POS software, you can keep track of your expenses, plan your spending based on accurate information, and keep track of each transaction
  • It helps you to create loyalty and rewards programs to keep your customers happy
  • It allows you to plan, produce and distribute bulk orders efficiently and easily

Why is Gofrugal the best Bakery shop management software in India?

Gofrugal offers you the best Bakery shop management software in India, which is designed and developed after a detailed field study and considering real-life scenarios and operational procedures of Bakery businesses. The Bakery POS software can benefit your business in many ways, from managing bulk orders to creating attractive discounts for existing and new customers, managing recipes, monitoring the ingredients stock level and managing online orders from various online food aggregators on a single screen. In addition, it offers multiple digital solutions, including OrderEasy for online ordering, WhatsNow for complete business assistance, and ServJoy for order processing.

How to download free bakery billing software from Gofrugal?

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