Sweet Shop Software saves 50% of my time as a Business owner

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It was a delicious sight of hot mini Jalebis served hot and people from kids to the old were having a bite at them. You can see this sight at every Live Jalebi Counter present at the SRM sweets & Cakes across Erode and Gobi districts in Tamilnadu.

Being in the business for over 20 years, SRM Sweets & Cakes have etched their names in the hearts of Sweet Lovers around Erode and Gobi districts Tamilnadu. They offer over 300 varieties of Sweets and Spicy Snack items prepared in the best quality within their Live Kitchens at their outlets.

Using GOFRUGAL for over the last 6 years in all their 6 Outlets, we got in touch with Mr. Vinoth Singaram, Managing Partner of SRM Sweets & Cakes to understand how we have impacted their business over time.

So, tell us about the journey of SRM Sweets & Cakes.

We are in the business for the last 20 years. Started by my uncle, SRM Sweets and Cakes as a pretty small outlet way back in 1997 in Erode. Back in those days, it was really harder to expand and our reputation increased only by word-of-mouth.

After quite a struggle, we opened our 2nd outlet in the year 2012, today we are a brand serving Sweets, Namkeens and Cakes in the surroundings of Erode and Gobi.

Since when are you using Gofrugal Solutions and tell us more about the experiences with them over time?

We started using Gofrugal for our 2nd outlet back in 2012. It was the time when we wanted to start managing out business digitally. That was when the real growth story began since we opened the next 5 outlets in the next 4 years.

The experiences we have had with Gofrugal has really been good over the years. Their product has been excellent by not just serving as a POS software but a holistic Business Management solution.



How has Gofrugal solution and Apps impacted your business?

I really have to say that WhatsNow app saves me plenty of time. I can now use my travel time viewing reports of my store on my phone. They are detailed enough that I can view reports that are even 3-4 years old within seconds. It makes it easier to manage and track sales instantly.

We save up to 50% of our time with benefits like Session Management, Stock updates etc that are so helpful. We also use Recipe Management which lets us track the inventory consumption.

A few words on Gofrugal Assured Support…

The support has been extremely helpful, especially during GST. We raise our doubts with myGofrugal App and on the Website Live Chat and they are clarified immediately. Even if there is something that needs immediate attention, their premium support lets them take our system from remote and resolve our doubts immediately.

What would you like to tell other Bakery Owners about Gofrugal?

We have referred Gofrugal to up to 15 businesses in our circles over the last 6 years and we are also a part of their referral programme. So we have totally recommended Gofrugal to other Bakers in town and it is one of the holistic Business Management software for Bakery and Restaurants.

Tell us about your expansion plans…

We are also planning to open 6 more new stores over the next year in the nearby districts. We are pretty sure that we will be implementing Gofrugal Solutions in all our upcoming outlets as well.

After this conversation, Mr Vinod along with one of his partners Mr Sudarvannan took us around their store and production units and made sure we tasted as many as sweets till we can. It was indeed a pleasure covering the success story of SRM Sweets & Cakes.

Gofrugal wishes SRM Sweets & Cakes more success in the years to come. We are indeed proud to be their IT partners.