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Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Retailers

New year resolution for retailers

It’s the last week of December, are you thinking about Resolutions ? Your business also needs some resolutions for this new year 2018.

We have compiled a list of resolutions to pick from to become more profitable, offer better experience this new year

1. Inventory
I will keep my Inventory up-to-date.  Will review stock reports on every day basis. I will not allow my working capital getting locked in excess inventory. I do understand that having accurate real-time visibility on the stock movement will help reduce my stock outs and improve my customer experience.

2. Digital Payments
I need to take advantage of low MDR on UPI and Debit card payments. I need to extend UPI and card payment facility even to home deliveries. I do realise that providing different payment options will get my customers spend more with a personalised simple solution & lesser hassles

3. POS Software Licenses
I will renew them on time, try to negotiate if I can renew for 2 or 3 years in one go, if that can save me some money. And Yes do realise that keeping systems up-to-date is important to be profitable. Be it book keeping or hardware or technology/POS needs to be current or up-to-date

4. Intelligent Promotions
I will entice customers to spend more, understand their  buying pattern & behaviour. I will listen to my customers get their feedback & will plan out the discount and promotions for every month

5. Go Digital
I will use my smart phone to monitor my store remotely with mobile Apps. I will set up Alerts & notifications to keep me informed about my business. Will also migrate data to cloud to provide the additional security & save from any virus and OS dependencies.

What is your Resolution this New Year 2018 ? If you would like to make this happen for you, please do Request for a call back and our product experts will call and help you delight the customers