Expand and Grow with Top Omnichannel Releases of 2022 from OrderEasy

Omnichannel, is integrating online and offline shopping processes with the most conversant technology and the simplest tools. It’s the COVID-19 scenario that made shopping online a compelling option. But over the days to come, the majority of the purchasing population started to enjoy the flexibility, convenience and comfort of online shopping without compromising in-store shopping at times. Increasing the touchpoints with multiple channels for ordering and payments, integrated with door-step deliveries with preferred time-slots, without compromising brand identity would be the perfect omnichannel way and trace it with Gofrugal OrderEasy. With over 40 new feature releases from OrderEasy, 2022 had triumphant moments to commemorate and march successfully towards the beginning of the blooming year!

Here we share the sneak-peek of the OrderEasy app journey to a much empowered version that would help you run your business efficiently delivering a delightful customer experience.

Deliver frictionless experience to customers and boost profits!

“It takes months to find a customer and only a few seconds to lose one”

It is not just a quote but an equation to bring forth a solution or the success mantra, not to win customers, but to not to lose loyal customers. Engage them emotionally as they are the ones who will bring in more customers.

  • Spending mammoth commissions to go online through e-commerce platforms and compromising your brand identity is not a challenge anymore with branded apps. Give the feeling of the nativity with home page customization features choosing the primary and secondary color, GIF files and App intro content closer to your brand.
  • Prompt updates on the order status can now be sent via e-mails and furthermore with the Email Broadcast feature, you can send e-mails in bulk. Connect and communicate with your customers in every possible way. Set offers and promo codes and notify to all or specified customers to attract and retain them.
  • With navigation on a small screen fatiguing, wider search processes of items leave your customers disgruntled. Now item search has become easy and interesting. Customers can now scan EAN codes of items or talk the items out to see the searched items added to the cart. With drilling down items as categories and sub categories item search has become much easier. Let your customers land on the searched item in a fraction of a second, place an order and checkout fast.

Omnichannel releases 2022-Deliver frictionless experience

  • With Chatbots, using Zoho SalesIQ, an interactive chat platform, now your customers can raise queries and get them answered instantly. Be it the item availability, prevailing offers or features of the app, they can initiate a chat and get responses with clarity. You can customize chat styles and waiting time too. Let your customers help themselves with on-time suggestions and solutions.
  • Unlike Retail outlets, Restaurants demand features that cater for the uniqueness of taste buds. OrderEasy app now comes with a filter for veg or non-veg items and users can now view the items based on the category and order with comfort and convenience. Sugar, salt, spice levels and the choice of toppings vary from one person to other. Modifiers offer various combinations that would satisfy the sense of taste, making diners enjoy to the fullest. When your customer chooses to order a black currant ice cream they also get options to add toppings, additional scoops, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips and so on. Give the foodstuff the way they want!
  • With home delivery options becoming common, it is the flexibility and speed of home deliveries that are now obligatory. Express delivery options are now available with OrderEasy and you can charge for it too. Based on the priority and availability, your customers can choose the delivery slots. The detailsof delivery partners who are assigned for a particular delivery will be available with every step of order processing, which makes tracking deliveries and sharing updates done precisely.

Operate efficiently with minimal staff and least skills

Whenever a digital transformation happens it also drives anxiety as to whether it would involve complicated codes, laborious procedures or qualified staff who would demand more. With OrderEasy, be assured of getting transformed with minimal staff and the least skills. Install your app at full tilt and become operational in just 5 days!

Omnichannel releases 2022- Operate with least skills

  • Delegating responsibilities by giving role-based access with multi-user login to staff and setting configurations to ensure security will make accountability and centralized management possible. Set separate login for billing, picking, dispatching and delivery staff and restrict them to being confined to their roles alone. Let your store manager manage multiple processes seamlessly.
  • For an app build process, all you need to do is to make an app request from the OrderEasy portal and look for all status updates from the portal itself. Also, you can get your APK link downloaded from the portal thus minimizing developer dependency. You can get your subscription details, the expiry of the trial period and add-on details, right from the portal. With the OrderEasy portal becoming more transparent and unambiguous now business administration can be done with minimal staff.
  • Set your delivery radius and let your customers check the availability of delivery by entering their pin codes and also set your delivery charges based on pin codes. You can also view delivery status from the OrderEasy portal sales order screen. With GoDeliver– OrderEasy integration, live location tracking of delivery partners from Google navigation map is possible and agile updates on deliveries can also be shared by instant notifications. With the whole of the delivery process automated, there would be minimal human intervention.

Expand and grow by becoming more accurate and reliable

Becoming more versatile and flexible by aligning to market trends and updates will help you acquire more customers and ultimately achieve consistent business growth.

  • With PayU and PayTM integrations now customers have wider options to choose the desired payment modes. Safe, secure, swift payments and faster checkout will attract more customers and expedite business growth with store expansion and the opening multiple outlets.
  • Forecasting and making wise business decisions with a consolidated view of data as graphical charts, help grow your profit margins and invest in expansion. Fetch accurate and clear-cut data from smart reports on Dashboard, demographic details from Customer master reports and most clicked/ viewed banners, items, categories and recommendations in one shot from App analytics reports. Work on better selling strategies from the traffic measured through reports, an outcome of the omnichannel releases from OrderEasy.

Omnichannel releases 2022- Expand and grow

  • Pharmacy owners are now relieved of the hardships of checking the prescription for scheduled drugs with the prescription upload feature. Placing orders by uploading prescriptions has a two-way benefit of eliminating the difficulty of deciphering prescriptions from the user end and aligning to Pharma rules and regulations from the owner end. With the omnichannel releases now customers have the option of ordering in units based on the exact dosage. The Pharmacy business is unique, and trust has to be built with all-time availability of medicines in stock and stringent adherence to expiry limits. With Gofrugal’s OrderEasy Pharmacy, you are assured of these.

Releases are the outcomes of consistent research and untiring efforts to match the ever-changing trend and technology, and updates from the market. Making the product easier to operate, more user-friendly and economical will be a remarkable success to cherish at the year-end. With Gofrugal’s potential customers sharing encouraging feedback we look forward to more such releases in the coming year too!

Omnichannel releases 2022- Win more customers