Top 10 Releases of Gofrugal ServQuick (ServeEasy OnCloud) in 2022

Discover the Top 10 Releases of Gofrugal ServQuick (ServeEasy OnCloud) in 2022 - Gofrugal

When we meet someone after a long time, the first question they ask us after exchanging pleasantries is – “So, any life updates?”. We’re used to being asked the same question at our job as well, “Hey, what’s the update?”. From marital status to the latest gadget, the word ‘update’ has become so deeply embedded in our lives that we constantly seek updates wherever we go. Updates are especially crucial for software – and thus, we have brought an update for you. Presenting to you the Top 10 feature enhancements released in 2022 for our restaurant cloud software, Gofrugal ServQuick (ServeEasy on Cloud).

We have classified these 10 software upgrades into two categories:

  • First, for your customers – i.e., enhancements that have been added to our Cloud ERP software to help you provide a delightful and enjoyable customer experience,
  • And second, for you – i.e., enhancements that have been implemented on Gofrugal ServQuick for you to enjoy seamless business operations – for all time, always.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these feature releases of Gofrugal ServQuick for the year 2022!

Top 10 Releases of Gofrugal ServQuick (ServeEasy OnCloud) in 2022

For a Delightful Customer Experience

One of the key requisites of a restaurant cloud ERP software is that it enables restaurateurs like you to provide an exceptional experience for your customers – from receiving their orders to settling their bills. We have brought about these 5 features to ensure that your customers give you a 5-star rating every time they dine in or order online!

Gofrugal ServQuick Top 10 Features in 2022 - Cloud ERP Software for Restaurants
Features added to Gofrugal ServQuick for a delightful customer experience

Your customers can pay in multiple ways  

You can delight your customers when they are given the freedom to choose their payment method. This feature reduces the time for bill settlements and accelerates your order processing speed, thus impacting your restaurant’s efficiency. Additionally, you can avoid the hassle of returning the exact change experienced during payments in cash. Gofrugal ServQuick has introduced the following payment integrations in 2022 to help your restaurant achieve optimal productivity:

  • Ezetap: Through the Ezetap Payment Device integration, card transactions can be processed in a simpler and quicker manner.
  • Paytm EDC: Paytm Electronic Data Capture (EDC) integration has also been introduced for card and UPI payments for your customers.

Run exclusive loyalty programs with Exclusife  

When you gain insight into your customers’ preferences and purchase patterns, you attain the ability to craft personalized offers and experiences for your customers. You can now access Exclusife Loyalty Management to manage your loyalty programs efficiently. With this, you can tailor your discounts and deals based on the customer – ensuring repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth marketing!

Manage multiple offers easily  

Customers inherently seek ways to save money, and they prefer to buy from establishments that offer the best deals to them. Providing offers is not just beneficial for your customers, but it also helps your business reach more people. You can now manage multiple offers on Gofrugal ServQuick, ranging from percentage discounts to happy hours to BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers. You can also specify the validity of these offers, ensuring the influx of number of customers – more customers, more revenue!

One item, multiple variants? Not a hassle!  

Consider the following scenario: a customer orders a sugary watermelon juice, but their partner is health-conscious and requests one without sugar. Normally, you’d have to keep a separate record for each of these items, from pricing to inventory mapping. This time-consuming process can be made easier using Gofrugal ServQuick! You can now enable your wait staff to effortlessly attend to consumers seeking the same item with different variations with the Multiple Variant functionality on ServJoy, our steward order-taking app.

Upgrade your contactless dining tech  

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted technology and innovation across the globe, restaurants have been adopting measures to provide a safe and healthy dining experience. Gofrugal ServeEasy onCloud has come up with the following enhancements for its GoContactless feature:

  • To enable restaurants to process table requests during busy hours, we have included the Auto Table Request Approval. When a customer scans the QR code and places their order, an approval request is sent to the POS. This flow has been automated now.
  • We have also added the Multi-language Support for ordering to help bridge the language barrier among customers.

For Seamless Business Operations

A good restaurant cloud based ERP software must eliminate and automate the mundane tasks that constitute your daily operations. It should also help you focus on building a strong, profitable and expansive business. Here are Gofrugal ServQuick’s features to help you experience seamless business operations:

Gofrugal ServQuick Top 10 Features in 2022 - Cloud ERP Software for Restaurants
Features added to Gofrugal ServQuick for seamless business operations

Unicode Master and Spanish Language support  

Unicodes are special names given to items, customers, and modifiers that can be printed in the language you desire. Now, support for Unicode Mapping has been enhanced to Payments, Order Types, Tables, Discounts, and Categories.

Si ustedes hablan español, esta característica es para vosotros. ¡Sí! We have also added Spanish language support to the Unicode Master. ¡Es muy bueno!

Check the status of your tables on WhatsNow  

You can now know which tables in your restaurant are doing well, even when you’re not at the restaurant! You heard it right! We have now enabled the feature in WhatsNow to check the status of your tables’ occupancy, orders and preparation details. With this, you can gain better visibility and devise strategies to optimize the entire dining process. Turn the tables with a faster table turnaround time!

Cluster Indent Portal for Own Outlet Requests  

If you are running a multi-outlet restaurant, you can enable your outlets to request for inventory from your warehouse or central kitchen, as indents. You can effectively manage this using the Cluster Portal on Gofrugal ServQuick. Using this feature, you can regulate Indent Requests from your outlets by setting a cut-off time. You can also ensure proper production planning and reduce wastage.

Cluster Purchase Order Portal for Franchise Outlet Requests  

Similar to the previous feature, we have extended the Cluster Portal support to process Purchase Order (PO) requests placed by franchise outlets. Whenever a sales order is raised at the franchise outlet, it will be sent to your warehouse or central kitchen. There, it will be converted into a bill against the Franchise customer. An invoice will be sent to the franchise outlet, along with the list of ordered items. Once the stock is received and entered into your franchise outlet’s POS system as a purchase entry, the invoice will be converted into a bill. You can regulate the PO requests and optimize your production by fixing a cut-off time.

KDS and CDS  

Gofrugal ServQuick has also introduced integrations with a robust Kitchen Display System (KDS) and Customer Display System (CDS). With ServQuick KDS, your orders can be sent from the table directly to the kitchen. There your kitchen staff can view the menu items and update the preparation status for each individual item. Additionally, you can keep customers informed about the status of their dish and deliver a soothing customer experience with the CDS.

With that, we have reached the end of our update. Gofrugal ServQuick (ServeEasy OnCloud) is an intuitive cloud based ERP software for every type of restaurant. Also, we ensure that we keep the software updated with the latest requirements of the F&B industry.

The next time you meet someone, you can give them a life update – that you have embarked on a journey towards growth and success with Gofrugal ServQuick. To help you serve delight on every plate, we shall soon be back with our next update!