Grow Your Restaurant in 2023 with Gofrugal ServeEasy’s Top Releases in 2022 

Grow your Restaurant with Gofrugal ServeEasy Restaurant Management System

Each new year starts off with thousands of resolutions taken towards living a better life. We too, have focused on improving our Restaurant management system, Gofrugal ServeEasy, to help restaurateurs like you offer a delightful customer experience. Last year, we worked on 130+ feature enhancements and 100+ improvements covering all the bases – from streamlining your daily business operations to ensuring you get things done with a few simple clicks while using our restaurant POS software.

While all these enhancements will undoubtedly make your usage of Gofrugal ServeEasy more seamless and efficient, here are the top 22 features of 2022. Based on their core practical benefit, we have classified these features into three categories:

  • Stepping up Security and Smartness
  • Crafting Continual Convenience
  • Building a Better Business

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the Top 22 releases of Gofrugal ServeEasy in 2022.

Top 22 Features of Gofrugal ServeEasy - Classification

Stepping up Security and Smartness

A good restaurant POS software must secure your business’s confidential information, as well as enable you to make smart, timely decisions conveniently. We have introduced the following releases to ensure that your restaurant management system becomes stronger and smarter!

Detect discrepancies across modules with Audit Feature

You can now monitor your employees’ actions taken on the restaurant POS software across various modules such as inventory, billing, CRM, purchase, and recipe management. Detect fraudulent actions and devise measures to prevent their future occurrences. Through this audit feature, you can also protect sensitive information from being passed on to unauthorized personnel – meaning everything is under your radar!

Keep your transaction-related documents safe and secure

Since you process thousands of transactions in a single day, keeping track of important transaction-related documents can be a daunting task. Deterioration of physical copies over time also tends to be their Achilles heel. Speaking of time, consider having to locate a copy of a transaction that was completed eight months ago. You lose precious time rummaging through your files to find it!

Gofrugal ServeEasy makes your life easy by providing the Document Upload feature. This feature, which was already available for Sales and Purchase transactions, has been extended for inventory transfer. You can store transaction-related documents across various formats in your database and easily search for them with a few simple clicks.

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data

The Privileged User account has tremendous power because it allows you to examine and even modify sensitive business information such as transaction records and access permissions. Allowing unauthorized staff to access confidential information is tantamount to shooting yourself in the foot.

To prevent this, we have enhanced the existing Privileged User credentials with a unique password to protect your restaurant billing software’s precious data. You can also create other user accounts, ensuring only the right people access the right data.

Verify the stock transferred between your outlets

You cannot attain optimal operational efficiency unless you keep track of the inventory movement at your outlet, especially when you are transferring stock between two outlets. To improve your experience, we have extended the Location Stock Transfer Approval support to the receiving outlet. This ensures that both the sender and the receiver have the option to verify the transfer data and approve the process. You can gain better control over your import operations and avoid mistakes.

Make smarter decisions with GoAct Reports

You can now access real time performance data anytime, whether you are holidaying in Hyderabad or taking a road trip across Rajasthan. We have enabled all Gofrugal ServeEasy’s reports to be opened in GoAct by default. With GoAct’s SmartReports, you can construct dashboards to better showcase data, use advanced filters for deeper insights, and share your restaurant reports from anywhere by exporting the file across multiple formats.

Enjoy centralized sales order approval process

To help users of our head office (HO) solution manage sales orders (SO) raised from multiple outlets, we have introduced the Centralized Sales Order Approval feature. With this feature, every sales order raised at the warehouse or outlet must be approved by the HO before it can be converted into sales. The HO can evaluate the price and margin information and decide whether to accept or reject the SO.

This way, you can spot discrepancies more easily and gain better control over all the sales orders received. This also generates a smoother flow in the approval process and allows for considerably faster execution of daily operations.

Make your counters smarter and more secure

We have enhanced the Counter vs. Item Mapping feature in Gofrugal ServeEasy. With this, you can map specific menu items to the respective counters based on a common grouping, such as beverages, desserts, sandwiches, etc. Aside from a smarter approach to billing, this also helps you improve your counter’s security measures by restricting unauthorized access to counter information and preventing accidental mix-ups of food items across counters.

Fix your cost, selling price, and MRP automatically

You can easily adjust the price mark up/down percentage either based on each item, supplier, or category with the new Auto Price Fix configuration in our restaurant billing software. Based on the purchase cost and margin percentage, you can determine the selling price for your menu items. For instance, some categories like fresh produce may require a lower markup than others, like dry fruits. You can eliminate the need to specify each item’s selling price for every category and transaction.

Customize payment types for customers

If your restaurant has a tie-up with corporate organizations, you can now easily process payments from customers buying on credit only options. Gofrugal ServeEasy has introduced the Customer-wise Tender configuration – for your customers to settle their bills based on the tender type of their convenience. You can also prevent the creation of false entries in your restaurant POS software, and detect cases of fraudulent transactions as well.

Crafting Continual Convenience

Gofrugal ServeEasy’s USP is that we provide digital solutions that require the most minimal training and the least staff count to operate. To strengthen our proposition further and help you excel in delivering customer delight, we have come up with the following feature releases:

Try before you buy our custom license modules

Surprised? That’s correct – instead of simply reading the feature list and purchasing the integration, you can now get a chance to experience a free trial of all the custom license modules that can be integrated with Gofrugal ServeEasy.

Reduce the database size at your outlets

For multi-outlet restaurant owners, we have come up with a solution to help you cut down costs for upgrading your outlet’s database. With the Purge Request feature, you can clear all the data at the outlet-level, to conserve space and ensure your data does not fall in the wrong hands. Don’t worry! All of your data will be safely backed up at the Head Office (HO) for your reference.

Share item-wise preparation status updates on your KDS

If you run a multi-cuisine restaurant, you probably might be allocating your kitchen staff across multiple kitchens. Without a robust kitchen display system, displaying a consolidated view of the preparation status updates is just a pipe dream. Not to worry! Gofrugal ServeEasy has solved this problem for you. For all order types, you can view the dishes based on the kitchen, and update the preparation status for each item. With this, you can keep customers informed about the status of their dish and deliver a soothing customer experience.

File sales returns in compliance with PRA

For Gofrugal ServeEasy users in Pakistan, we have now enabled the Fiscal Invoice Tax posting, in accordance with the Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA), for Sales Return as well. You can now enable this configuration and generate fiscal invoice numbers for your sales return documents with just a single click!

Prepare ETI documents in compliance with KRA

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) introduced the electronic tax invoicing (ETI) process on August 1, 2022. This rule stated that all bills generated on the restaurant billing software should be posted to the Government portal, and the Portal’s response should be printed on the bills without fail. We have introduced an integration for the electronic tax invoicing process for all the sales bills generated on ServeEasy. With a few simple clicks, you can ensure that your documents are always compliant with the ETI rules!

Maintain the same selling price against MRP

Imagine if you had to update the MRP of a product, say packaged drinking water, each time there was a change in the cost price or the selling price while recording a batch purchase transaction. You might be thinking: isn’t a restaurant management system supposed to make things easier for me?

It definitely should – which is why we have introduced a feature to maintain the same Selling Price against each MRP. How does it work? Well, let’s say you have bought 3 batches of packaged drinking water:

BatchSelling PriceMRP

If, during the next purchase, the selling price ₹35 is saved against an MRP of ₹50, then the details for batches A and B will be updated as follows:

BatchSelling PriceMRP

Thus, you don’t have to sift through individual batches of items to update the price changes. The MRP for similar items can be changed based on the batch cost and selling price, as illustrated above – helping you save a lot of time!

Calculate GST Based on the  Shipping Address

GST calculations can be difficult when your customer’s delivery address is in a different state than the billing address. Your accounting software might calculate the CGST and SGST, instead of calculating the IGST in this scenario. To address this issue, we have introduced a new configuration which enables the calculation of GST based on the Shipping Address. You can save a lot of time and effort by automating this calculation!

Prepare EFRIS documents in compliance with URA 

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) had introduced the Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing System (EFRIS) process for e-invoicing and VAT reporting of commercial transactions. If you are a restaurateur from Uganda, you can avail this feature on Gofrugal ServeEasy to post sales and sales return invoices to Uganda’s government portal. Once this feature has been enabled, the e-invoicing documents will be posted on the Government portal. Enjoy this simple and seamless process of preparing EFRIS documents!

Generate batch numbers automatically

Keeping it fresh – that must be your motto when it comes to inventory management. You must keep track of each batch of ingredients purchased. This can help you employ tactics like FIFO (First In, First Out) and reduce wastage. However, creating batch numbers manually is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Is there a solution?

Absolutely! Just enter your inventory details, and Gofrugal ServeEasy will take care of the rest! Introducing Auto Batch Number Generation, which generates a unique and easily readable code for every batch of inventory imported. Type in a few key details such as the transaction date, location code, item code, and tada! The batch code will be automatically created. Because of its simplicity, you can use this code to monitor the freshness and ensure a smooth inventory management process!

Deduct TCS / TDS from the first bill for your customers

You can now choose the option to deduct the Tax Collected at Source (TCS) or Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) for your customers from their first bill. Upon enabling this configuration on Gofrugal ServeEasy, you will be able to calculate the TCS or TDS on each individual bill rather than at the end of the fiscal year for a specific customer.

Process sales orders from Franchise outlets

We had earlier provided our HQ solution users with the option to save sales orders generated at own outlets, requesting for inventory from the warehouse or central kitchen, as indents. Once the warehouse receives the sales order and the items are ready, the inventory will be sent as a Stock Transfer Out (STO) transaction to the outlet. We have now extended this support to franchise outlets as well.

Whenever a sales order is raised at your franchise outlet, it will be sent to your warehouse or central kitchen – where it will be converted into a bill against the Franchise customer. An invoice will be sent to the franchise outlet, along with the list of ordered items. Once the stock is received and entered into your franchise outlet’s POS system as a purchase entry, the invoice will be converted into a bill. With this feature, you can process both indents raised from own outlets, as well as sales orders from franchise outlets. You gain better visibility across all the orders that are received at your warehouse / central kitchen.

Building a Better Business

A good restaurant management system not only automates the daily operations to help you offer an impeccable service, but also contributes towards building a better business. Here are the beneficial features to help you expand and grow your restaurant:

Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

In 2022, Gofrugal ServeEasy introduced payment integrations with three different platforms:

  • Worldline: Through the Worldline payment integration, you can enable your customers to make card and UPI payments through this terminal.
  • Paytm EDC: We have introduced Paytm Electronic Data Capture (EDC) integration for card and UPI payments.
  • PayPay: We have also introduced the “PayPay” wallet for processing transactions.

With these payment integrations, you can process billing transactions through multiple portals at a faster pace. You can delight your customers by reducing their wait time to settle bills!

ONDC Support for Restaurants

Have you heard about the digital revolution that is taking the country by a storm? Yes, it’s the Open Network for Digital Commerce, or ONDC – and Gofrugal ServeEasy is one of the first few players to offer ONDC support for restaurants. This wind of change provides you with the financial freedom to fight against the exorbitant commission charges levied by third-party food aggregators.

Alright, so that was a comprehensive view of the top 22 features and enhancements introduced in Gofrugal ServeEasy in 2022. This robust restaurant management software helps you improve your business by leaps and bounds. And, it also evolves each year – just like humans do!

The road towards the future may look uncertain, but we have taken a strong resolution – to empower you with the best digital solutions possible. You can experience these enhancements with a trial that’s free, and we shall be back with much more in 2023!

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