Maximize Your Success in 2023 with Gofrugal RetailEasy’s Top Releases of 2022

Become a Retail Leader in 2023 with Gofrugal RetailEasy's Top 22 Releases of 2022

Welcome to 2023! New Year demands new plans, new goals, and new strategies. But it is also time to look back and see how far we’ve come to know where we need to head. We want to take you on a trip down the journey of our comprehensive Retail ERP system – RetailEasy, for the past year. 2022 was one great year for RetailEasy, with 72 major feature releases and 150+ enhancements, which means you had one new reason for happiness every other day. These latest features, enhancements, and improvements in our Retail ERP software involved everything from newer business models to better integrations in growing your business. Also, we are aware of how you keep checking with your business genie on how to improve success, growth, and profits. Read through our entire blog, and you’ll know who the real genie is!

As we keep saying that our solutions are built to help you achieve these 4 core values in your business, our major releases for the year help Retail businesses achieve the benefits of these core values, which is the dream for any business owner.

  • Deliver frictionless customer experience
  • Operate with minimal staff and least skills
  • Run business with 100% accurate and reliable data
  • Take timely decisions on the move

Yes! Our top 22 releases for 2022 will help you achieve all these. We don’t want to keep you waiting. Hop on the ride, and let’s get started!

Deliver frictionless customer experience

Achieve the maximum customer base possible with the FOUR letters Digital Commerce revolution

One of the most sensational topics in the Indian e-commerce space in 2022 was ONDC, the Open Network for Digital Commerce. With ONDC integration with RetailEasy, you can get the biggest possible buyer audience without integrating into multiple e-commerce platforms. It also paves the way for your online store to become discoverable to all online shoppers with a single solution! With a comprehensive ERP solution such as RetailEasy, you can get onboarded to ONDC in just three steps! Join ONDC with Gofrugal, achieve omnichannel transformation, and deliver only customer happiness.

Offer secure billing experience and earn consumer’s trust

Consumers return to your brand/company when you offer them a delightful and secure billing experience. Now, offer that by notifying your consumers when their due bills are edited at the time of billing. The user will be notified immediately via SMS alert if anyone tries to edit the due bill, i.e., you will lose no pennies between the billing and cash counters. But what’s the best part? With evident trust and transparency between your business and consumers, you turn regular consumers into loyal ones. No discrepancies, no frauds, only a delightful billing experience for consumers!

Offer contactless payment with PayU’s easy payment link support

Don’t overlook payments when creating a positive consumer experience. Quicker transactions, shorter queues, lesser frauds, and no room for incorrect payment collection can help you earn more consumers. Accomplish these now with PayU’s easy payment link support in our Retail ERP. PayU is a Payment Gateway that lets your consumers experience the widest payment methods across Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, EMIs, BNPL, UPI, and Wallets. With the mobile numbers of consumers in the portal, an SMS link can be triggered to the consumers’ mobile numbers, where they can choose to complete the payment using the payment link generated in the SMS. Offering this contactless payment ensures a lesser probability of fraud and incorrect payment collection.

Offer flexibility and secure transactions for your consumers

A strong payment processing system’s convenience, reliability, and security are invaluable to your users. Having payment processing directly integrated into your platform also removes customer entry barriers and improves their experience. Now, you can offer these with our Retail ERP’s integration with Worldline and Paytm, both popular global payment service providers. With their advanced payments technology, local payments expertise, and solutions customized for hundreds of markets and industries, they are helping millions of businesses of all sizes to reach their goals with world-class global payment services. Enjoy both the benefits of Gofrugal ERP and Worldline, Paytm Integrations to offer secure checkouts.

Enhance stickiness with new loyalty management integrations

RetailEasy works with what you love and wishes to offer flexibility in the kind of Loyalty programs that consumers want to adopt. So, we search and integrate with trusted loyalty management softwares to empower you to offer a delightful experience to your consumers. Adding a feather to our Retail ERP’s cap, we have integrated with Reelo and Urban Piper. These renowned loyalty management softwares empower small businesses to create their own customer rewards program. This is especially beneficial for small businesses wishing to create loyal brand advocates.

Deliver the right products without hassles

Have you often faced an issue when consumers return the product saying it is the wrong product or there is a mismatch of color, size, or pattern? Your online order management team would have done it right, but your dispatch team could have missed it. Now, they won’t. Our Retail ERP ensures for every online e-Commerce integration, for a customer using a Matrix product, a Matrix combination id gets passed to the e-commerce portal, and consumer orders are made only based on those ids. With our recent enhancement, you can print this combination id in the sales bill, which is a secondary reference to the dispatch team while packing the delivery. So, no room for errors from your end = happy consumers!

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Operate with minimal staff and least skills

Manage your multi-chain stores from Head Office (HO)

Running multiple chain stores takes a lot of time, effort, and impeccable management. But now, all you need is a simple solution – RetailEasy, our Retail ERP. Now, you can manage the multi-chain stores across locations centrally from the Head Office. This enhancement helps you control an outlet and create locations from the ERP in Head Office. Establish consistency across the locations, assign a default user for it, experience all location creation features in the ERP software, and map default locations for all users. Ultimately, centralized control and consistency across locations are no longer a dream for you.

Loyalty redemption for Exclusive CRM

Growing your consumers with our ERP is good, and transforming them into repeat customers with Exclusife CRM is better. But what is best? It is to keep your staff from doing the extra work of maintaining a loyalty program in two different softwares. Now, consumers can redeem their Loyalty points directly from the Exclusife CRM integration with Gofrugal. Be it gift coupons or loyalty points, consumers can redeem them easily, and you can help them redeem them effortlessly.

Purchase Invoice import is EASYsol for Pharma Retailers

Now, Gofrugal’s Retail ERP supports EasySol’s updated templates, one of the popular Pharma Distribution software. When your distributor shares the Purchase Invoice in the EasySol format, our Retail ERP will automatically convert and map it with our format without manual intervention. You never have to witness the painful sight of your employee seeing a paper and typing in the computer when you can do the same with a click!

Pick Slip support in GoSure StockPick

Do you feel you’re spending more time, resources, and effort in assigning, tracking, and managing the sales bills w.r.t. your stock pickers? With our robust Retail ERP software, assign stock pickers and update the status via the mobile app directly. Once the stock pick status is updated, the pick slip is directly converted to sales bills with just a few clicks. This will help your sales executives to assign pick-up products to the stock picker on the go without delay. And your stock pickers can update the status of picking the stocks through the mobile app itself, ensuring live updates. No more spending loads of time and resources on data entry tasks!

Bulk online orders to sales bill conversion in one click!

“Magical genie, I really wish I don’t have to spend my time and resources on converting my online sales orders to sales bills.” Maybe the genie did not hear, but we did! With our Retail ERP software, for the orders received from Gofrugal’s OrderEasy app or other e-commerce platforms, convert sales orders to sales bills, not one by one. With just one click, convert all your sales orders to sales bills, saving time, effort, and faster order processing!

No need to worry about missing sales documents

‘One more wish to the genie, please help me find that document I kept right here in the file when I completed the sales bill.’ Still, looking out for that absent genie? Our Retail ERP customers need not plead with any genie. You can now upload documents while making the bill. For example, uploading a prescription document to the bill. These can come in handy during weekly reviews or financial reviews to understand why an action was performed out of routine. Now, all you have to do is refer to the sales document upload, as our Retail ERP software supports uploading documents during sales to mark them for future reference.

Run business with 100% accurate and reliable data  

Offer the right data and adhere to FBR – Pakistan’s tax compliance

We believe in the need for Digital Transformation in your business, and that’s why tax automation is closely aligned with our efforts to get you closer to that need. Given all of the upheaval in terms of tax regulations and our enhancements to our Retail ERP, it is a natural extension of the digital transformation initiative. Now, we are making it easier for you to comply with the rules and regulations which are mandatory to follow. When Sales Return Transactions and Sales Transactions are posted to the Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan (FBR – Pakistan), there is no worry about wrong data or data mismatch later, which means there is no hindrance in your business operations as you’ve already complied with tax laws and regulations.

Split your Data to save your DATA backup

The freedom to choose how you want to split your database should be ultimately yours. We want to offer this to customers like you who have trusted us for a long time. Split your database into two based on the Financial year timeline that you prefer. Only the current database with live data can be edited when the database is split. While the older database reports can only be viewed, making it impossible to edit/import any transactions to the older DB. Now, it’s lighter and easy to store other data. Also, experience the main advantage of this DB split feature which lies in its relevancy to our GST rule. As per the rule, a minimum of six months of data is required to modify the transactions if the need arises. When the DB split is done, we will keep a minimum of six months of DB. If the required timeline is less than six months, the data from the previous financial year to the required timeline will be considered the DB split, by default.

Merge financial ledgers of Distributors and Customers in one place!

What if your business has Distributors who also turn out to be your customers? It must be hard to maintain two different ledgers to make respective entries, track accordingly and calculate credit/debit changes. Don’t worry! Now, merge the financial ledger of the Distributor and Customer so that their credit and debit transactions can be maintained in a single ledger for better tracking, outstanding management, and credit control. Not just the convenience of maintaining a single ledger to track all transactions but also avoiding duplication of masters/records. Avoid tracking the transactions from multiple ledgers, which leads to unnecessary errors, extra effort, and time.

Kenya’s electronic tax invoice regulations – Say yes to accurate data and no to legal penalties

In Kenya, the electronic tax invoice process was introduced on 1st August 2022. All bills made should be posted to the Government’s portal, and the portal’s response should be printed in the bill without fail. The printing happens only with Government-authorized devices, and now you can lose your worry on the same as our Retail ERP supports it. Ensuring the data in the system is reliable and complies with KRA – Kenya Revenue Authority’s electronic tax invoice regulations. Accurate data means no legal penalties here.

Uganda e-Invoice transaction report – Ensure compliance!

Our customers from Uganda, we know that you must post transactions to the government portal. If only there were a way to check the status of these transactions to take necessary actions immediately. Yes, you do! To help you see the status of the transactions posted, we have added a new report in our Retail ERP software! Now, ensure compliance and react to non-compliant activities quickly.

Favor only the righteous in business with Sales Commissions

What’s sad to witness? When efficient salespeople lose their sales commission due to product returns. But what’s even sadder? When the sales commission deductions are made wrongly against the salespeople’s names during the product return. Now, we know you want something other than that for your salespeople. That will only happen when you have RetailEasy, the righteous Retail ERP for your business. Our application will not allow changing the salesman’s name while making sales returns, making it more fair and transparent to all salesmen returns.

Ensure discounts remain as discounts, not disasters!

Sales discounts can be advantageous only when it is handled rightly. What if the discounts given are edited and need to be found? That leads to an unstable system of suspicion and extra supervision of the billing counts. But what does a business owner want at the end of the day? To go back to sleep peacefully, knowing his business is in the right hands. Also, knowing that the discounts will bring more consumers, not more disasters, to the business. Grab that relief by enabling this configuration in our Retail ERP, where there is no option to edit the ‘Discounts’ applied during the Sales Bill at the time of Sales Return. With 100% reliability and secured data in the system, we can ensure both the customer’s happiness and business health are in the right place.

beneifts of best retail erp software

Take timely decisions on the move

Color indication for short-expiry products

Not paying attention to the short-expiry products can cause numerous problems for your business. Such problems include lost money if a product goes out of date and sick customers if you accidentally sell products that have gone out of date – which could also lead to the problem of a potential lawsuit. You also have the sometimes unpleasant task of disposing of the expired product. Or, in the end, you lose out on a sale that could have happened if you had known this earlier. Do it now easily with our Retail Easy platform, as it can show you the batches having near expiry in red color in the batch list of value. Differentiate easily the batches that will expire sooner. For example, if the user enters the value as 2, then batches that will expire within two months of the current system date will show in red color. Now, your staff can plan accordingly and ensure to sell those batches earlier.

GoAct as the default report makes your work easier!

From 2022, GoAct will be the default Point-of-Sales Reports you’ll experience if you get onboard to RetailEasy software. This eliminates the need for local POS reports. There is a switch-over configuration for existing customers to GoAct as a permanent solution. There is no need for the internet to use GoAct reports and it supports all our POS reports. Now, you can make timely decisions on the move with our intuitive GoAct reports.

Get the freedom to decide your backup days!

Previously, by default, RetailEasy allowed for local backup of days, i.e., as and when we move forward, the oldest day’s (7th day) backup gets deleted, and the current day is added. But now, you can choose the number of days of backup based on the needs of your business. Now, you get the freedom to decide how many days of backup you wish to have in your system.

Give your Gift Vouchers extra life to delight people

If you run a chain of stores, all gift vouchers may not be used completely. Should these gift vouchers go to waste? Or what about the situation when employees misuse Gift Vouchers among their kith and kin? Not anymore. Now, Gift Vouchers from one particular outlet can be assigned to another. The same gift voucher would be reassigned from your Head Office to another outlet and issued to customers. Now, RetailEasy software will allow the redemption of such issued gift vouchers. We have made it easier to transfer Gift Vouchers to another outlet in case of a surplus in a particular outlet.

We know you keep asking many things to the genie wishing for a successful year. Let the genie rest and come back when it can. But you already have the Genie in the form of RetailEasy, the robust Retail ERP that listens to what you ask for and stays ahead with what you will need in the future. That’s why 2022 was eventful for our customers with adopting the enhancements in the software to work with accurate data and premium features, the least workforce, and enhanced security. But our genie will not rest. It has already started hearing your voices, and our Retail ERP is gearing up with more enhancements to make 2023 the best year yet for you. In the meantime, check out these features and many more by trying our Retail ERP with our FREE TRIAL!