The Secret Menu of Successful Restaurants

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“Change is inevitable, but growth is optional,” said John Maxwell. Though it was a general statement, it holds good for restaurants. If the shifting customer taste, changing times, and evolving markets have fried and frozen the restaurant industry, the pandemic and perennial lockdowns have boiled it inside a pressure cooker. Internationally, restaurant owners have faced a sudden loss in nearly 100% of their business during the covid breakout.

However, on the spur of the moment, lots of changes have happened in the restaurants in 2022 compared to 2021 concerning the pandemic situation. So I got curious about what changed the frozen restaurants thawed and wanted to know the cause for such changes. Guess what I found! The pandemic situation has bought about so many changes in the food industry that eventually triggered the evolution of exciting features in restaurant POS systems. They are just like, “Are you ready to upgrade to the new contactless dine-in this pandemic?”. My nosiness nature pestered me to learn more about the changes. Let me tell you what I have gathered and learned.

Take flawless orders using telephonic orders from your precious customers

In this pandemic, restaurants require a superpower to make special days even more special. Usually, customers order food, cakes, ahead of time for any special occasion. With this new release, if a customer calls and orders, restaurants can add such orders under advanced order. After collecting the order details, they route the orders to the nearest branch available to provide faster delivery. You can attend the calls proactively and be more customer-friendly. When compared to taking orders on WhatsApp or paper and sending it to the kitchen, telephonic orders are much more beneficial as call centers can route the orders to branches right from a single screen!. Pin-code-based location integration can be used to reduce the time spent on capturing the address information.

Give a soul to your recipe using Item and Kitchen remarks by both customers and chefs

Customers’ preferences on personalization have taken a big leap in recent years. Gofrugal has made this new release which assists customers and chefs. If a customer wants to order his/her favorite toppings on their pizza, the steward can add it to the notes section available on the sales screen and send the KOT to the kitchen. Will customers love your restaurant if food taste keeps on changing each time a new chef comes? Here, Kitchen remarks can do you a favor. Even if new chefs come, they can refer to the remarks entered by the previous expert chef, which contain the ingredients, metric measurements required to prepare a specific dish. This helps the stewards and chefs to provide a delightful experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Stand by with the Government rules by the new GST Changes for Aggregators support

The Indian Government has advised charging taxes for orders through delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato. This release will surely be a helping hand. Using this release of Gofrugal in ServQuick that supports tax collection, you don’t have to stress out about paying penalties for not paying tax and adhere to the rules and regulations perfectly.

Add additional charges for production and subtract your loss

Planning before any process is best practice, right? This release helps you plan and track all your expenditures accordingly. By using this recent release, you can add the additional charges for manpower, time, gas, dishwashing, and packing materials to the kit production cost. The other benefits of this release can be, users can know the cost accurately, and by fixing the price relevantly better margin can be acquired.

Add Delivery Charges for distant orders and enhance your delivery

Delivering food has been mandatory for restaurants in recent times. If delivery charges are not calculated and added properly, it may lead to a significant loss for your business. Using this delivery module release, the delivery charges are assigned based on zone wise and bill value. Each zone will be a specific distance and based on the distance the amount also will be allocated. As for bill value, if the bill amount is ₹300, then 10% will be added as a delivery charge. The delivery charge helps the restaurants cover up their costs in delivery and afford to have a lot of delivery executives. Also, you can save more and expand their market widely with confidence and bring a change to your business!

Reduce stewards striding time using Split KOT with Consolidate KOT

If your restaurant has multiple kitchen brands with different cuisines like Arabian, Bakery, Dessert, and when a customer orders from three types of kitchens, it is difficult for a steward to travel to all the kitchens, right? Here the split KOT is beneficial, as the orders will be split and shared with the required department printers. After that, for picking up the orders, Gofrugal has added a Consolidated KOT print support, which contains all the details of the items ordered irrespective of the kitchen categories.

Let customers experience contactless dining and pay bills digitally

This plays a major role In this pandemic situation. Waiters are not required as customers can scan the QR code which will be provided at their tables and view the menu. Once the customer places their order, KOT will be printed automatically in the kitchen with no manual effort. Furthermore, printing costs will be reduced as you can change the menu and pricing digitally. After enjoying their contactless dining, customers can pay by checking out using the application itself. What’s more, after checkout, a customizable feedback screen will be displayed. Using this feature, your customers can experience contactless dining, seamless checkout, and feedback.        

Use sales invoice SMS Alert to increase customer engagements

As digital media has changed and improved a lot, text messages are the easiest way to engage customers quickly. Also, nowadays customers prefer the invoice to be shared via SMS rather than receiving the printed paper. Using this feature, If you want to share the invoice of the order with the customer, you can share it via mail/messages to the customers. Besides, owners can save their invoice details as digital records and can access them any number of times whenever required. Additionally, the usage of paper will be highly reduced.

Commission for Sales Man to motivate them and boost your profit

This feature is most beneficial for bakery verticals. You might have noticed the salesman suggesting a specific product more than the other products. The appointed salesman mentions an item very specially, to portray the item as a high-margin product. After the customer purchases the product, he/she gets a commission after approval from the owners. This commission motivates the salesman to sell more to the customers and earn more. So, this release of Gofrugal in ServQuick plays a major role in increasing the job satisfaction of a salesman. You can manage your incentives as the amount you give your employees depends on the sales or income they generate.

I hope you would have attained an idea of what the recent releases of Gofrugal in ServQuick are. So my curiosity is satisfied as I have the reason which influenced the restaurants in 2022. Why don’t you experience the recent releases by using the free trial given by Gofrugal? Quick! I have started experiencing already.

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