GOFRUGAL saved me 3 business days of manual effort | GST transition

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In business for more than 40 years in the distribution business, Gundecha Group of Companies has ventured into more than 8 businesses successfully till date. With over 1000 retail customers and distributing products of over 100 companies, Gundecha Distribution has been one of the pioneers when it has come to Pharma Distribution in Tamilnadu.

Being a Gofrugal user since the last 8 years, they have smoothly transitioned to GST just with our digital tools like webinars, help videos and Live Chat. Coming from a family of Entrepreneurs, Mr Ashish completely took over Gundecha Pharma Distribution from his father.

We got in touch with Mr. Ashish to know more on his experiences with Gofrugal

What specific pain points and business needs brought you to Gofrugal?

I felt Gofrugal solutions were way ahead of the market compared to other softwares since they were not just a mere software for billing, but a packaged busines solution. This was the only solution which managed inventory, Purchase orders, multi-company billing etc., I foresaw reducing at least 3 labours managing the same back then. I also wanted to eliminate the amount of micromanagement after one of our employees who has been with us for the last 30 years resigned.

We needed secured transparency on what was going on and I felt Gofrugal just offered me that which was one of the main needs that were fulfilled by Gofrugal.

How useful were the GST online training webinars?

I could not attend most of the webinars due to personal reasons, but came across the videos that were recorded during the sessions I missed and was thoroughly impressed. So I squeezed in some time to attend 4 webinars just before the day of the GST roll-out. It was an amazing experience where I got to understand more about my business with regards to GST from the questions that were asked by my peers. They were really useful later while I was updating my software.

Your comments on our mobile applications?

WhatsNow was very useful to me personally since I could get a gist of my business reports on the go. It notifies me whenever any receipts, bills are modified which I feel is one if its highlights. EarnSmart as well, let my salesmen keep track of their sales and acheive their targets and keeps them updated with the stocks, helping them close more orders.

Tell us about your transition from VAT to GST and the support..

The GST transition was one thing where we were totally blown away with Gofrugal’s plan which surprised us. On the 31st of June, we had around 20 people to update the HSN codes to the relevant products. We knew that it might take more than 2 days even if all the 20 people worked day and night. But when we updated our Gofrugal DE with the latest update, we were just amazed since the HSN codes were already mapped automatically.

With that update Gofrugal literally saved us 3 days worth of manual effort just to enter the HSN codes. The queries during the updates were beautifully explained in the videos and were answered by the Live Chat. I was thoroughly impressed by this and was all praises for Gofrugal and its digital vision.

Would you recommend Gofrugal to other Distribution businesses?

We would definitely look forward to have Gofrugal as our technology partner and recommend them to Pharma and other distribution businesses. Since these businesses needs a lot of micromanagement and manual labour effort in keeping the accounts, I am very sure Gofrugal is a must have and is tailor-made to cater all the needs of a Distribution business.