How Ethniq went GST ready with our Digital Tools

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With around 9 years into the Apparel business, Mr.Shantilal ventured in to entrepreneurship right after graduating his college. Starting his entrepreneurial journey back in 2008, he slowly started learning the art of retailing and specialized in his vertical: Apparels.

‘Ethniq’ one of his 3 apparel outlets in Chennai, Tamilnadu has been in business for just under 2 years now, from when he started using Gofrugal POS Solutions for his business. He was one of our many customers who transitioned his business to GST by just using our digital tools.
We got in touch with Shantilal to get to know his experiences of how he migrated his business to GST during this chaotic transition.

  • What was the moment which made you start this transition?

    When the GST fever started across the country, we had to include the taxes in the billing. I found it very difficult and did not really wanted to make any changes to my business. But I was constantly notified me with the webinar announcements along with the registration links.

  • How was your experience attending our webinars/Online Training?

    The webinars gave a completely different experience for me altogether than what I expected. There was a live interaction with the expert and all the queries from me and fellow attendees were answered. I also got to understand other businessmen’s opinions/doubts on the GST roll-out and its related product enhancements which was really thought provoking.

  • Tell us more about how your GST transition journey, struggles if any. How long did the entire process take?

    On the 2nd of July, I started watching the help videos and thought I will give it a shot updating the software by myself. The videos were very simple and that was the time when they introduced an automated live chat called Chitti which I felt was interactive and gave me most of the answers regarding the product updates

    I had a few hiccups when the tax structure did not show up after updating to their patch RC99.5. But on the next day when I restarted my system, the taxes were showing up. This was since the system needed a restart after the patch update which I was not aware of it initially. Overall the process went really smooth and I was able to start billing on GST within a couple of hours.

  • A few words on the general support during this process..

    The 24/7 online support on myGofrugal app was also really useful since it had the pre-loaded help videos just for my product which avoided a lot of confusions during the software update.

  • What would you like to say about Gofrugal’s digital approach during this transition?

    I would still feel that this is an amazing way of getting the GST roll-out implemented since when there is a large customer base to cater, the way Gofrugal has come up with this all digital approach is really fabulous, signs off Shantilal.

We, at Gofrugal are very glad about this association with Mr. Shantilal and we wish his venture Ethniq all success and many more happy billing experiences on GST in the years to come.