What's your Technology Touch point?

No, this is not about your conventional customer touch point. It is about where the technology touches your business process?

A rear touch describes a retail business process with a technology intrusion in its purchase and procurement activities with suppliers. A fore touch describes a retail process with a technology intrusion in its store and billing activities.

While a holistic retail point of sale solution can automate the entire retail business process, it is better you opt for a mix and match solution – say, a rear heavy or a fore heavy software.Technology touch point

However, this doesn’t mean that the solution will only partially automate the business. It only presents the options available for you to choose from, taking their business model and financial considerations into account. For eg. a COFO  (Company Owned Franchise Operated) might require a different technology touch point from a COCO (Company Owned Company Operated).

It is up to you as a retailer to do the homework and go for the right solution – one that is appropriate for your business needs.

TruePOS is a highly rear/fore configurable cloud POS solution offered from the stable of GoFrugal Technologies.