Why FoodTrucks need an iPad POS?

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FOODTRUCK!! Ya you read it right. The buzz word of this age’s Food industry across the globe. Every foodie turned entrepreneur is in love with this word. This is the trend now!

So what are the aspects an entrepreneur looks into when he starts his new food business. One of those is the Point of Sale for your business. So how do you Zero in, on a Food Truck POS? That’s simple. Just ensure if the below specs are available with the POS you choose to go with

 The functionality you need!

You might require a POS just to ring your sale, but it would be an added advantage if it can help you with a bird’s eye view of your business even when you are away. In short go with a Cloud POS and stay connected with your business with apps that gives you a live relay of your business even when you stay away from your outlet.

 Easy navigation

Choosing a POS with the functionality you require is not just enough you also need to use it at ease. What’s point in having functionality when you don’t even feel comfortable using them. So choose the one that makes you use it the best

 Offline billing

Being a business that goes on wheels, it is expected that you might run into a location that is not accessible via internet. Your Cloud Point of sale should keep you selling even when there is no internet connectivity. Wouldn’t that keep you tension free ? Of course it does! Stay connected to your POS even without internet connectivity

 Customer service

At times or most of the time your business runs round the clock… Isn’t it? Who do reach out to when you need an expert consultation/advice in the POS you use? Choose the one with a dedicated 24×7 Assure support put in place to help you out


Ahhh… Here comes the most important one. Being a Foodtrucks business the margin’s get short a lot!!! Considering this you would want to go with a Foodtruck POS that comes at an affordable price along with the one’s mentioned above !

We can help you with one. GoFrugal ServQuick – cloud POS for your business that works on an iPad, Windows tablets, laptops & PC’s, Mac and Linux(Android app is coming soon). A one stop solution that can give you peace and profit. Go frugal and choose ServQuick