Importance of Online Ordering System in Retail Industry

6 reasons why retailers should use an Online ordering system over manual ordering!

Three out of four grocery shops are losing business. To the fourth one. You may be one of the three. This blog will show you how you can be the fourth. The winning one!

For retail grocery shops, procuring orders is just half the battle. It’s in their smooth processing where businesses are won or lost. Yet, three-fourths of grocery retailers fight with age-old techniques and antiquated technology, making it easy for them to lose and difficult for them to recover.

They continue to use old-style phone calls and no-good WhatsApp to take orders and end up taking more time and making more errors, thus ending up with unhappy customers who shift to the next retailer!

A recent Gofrugal study of retailers across India found six fundamental problems with the manual ordering system process. You may be encountering one or many, if not all of them yourself.

What are the challenges of Traditional/Manual Ordering systems

1. Time-consuming

It takes 15 minutes, on average, to process an order due to multiple phone calls or WhatsApp messages to double-check on stock availability, selecting the right product quantity and delivery address. Manual punching of orders is giving a knock-out punch to many a retailer and his chances of serving his customers. Your shop staff don’t like it, your customers hate it and the only ones who are happy are your competitors when your customers shift to them!

2. Inefficiency

Despite multiple phone calls and manifold WhatsApp messages, grocers still cannot serve more than 25 orders a day due to the labour-intensive nature of the process. A process that wastes hours and misuses man-days. The time that could have been better spent satisfying your customers and making them shop more; with you!

3. Inaccuracy

Manual order-taking results in inputting incorrect products, inaccurate variants, imprecise customer details or inexact addresses. The Gofrugal study found that on average 2 out of 10 ordered items are wrongly delivered or not delivered at all.

The resultant disappointment leads to migraine problems and customer migration – to the next store!

4. Irritation

Phone and WhatsApp orders are bereft of transparency and the customer is left clueless about the delivery status and the expected delivery time. Needless to say, the customers are confused and are forced to call the store and the delivery salesman, multiple times. Leaving them irritated, to say the least.

5. Migration

7 out of your 10 customers, in the Gofrugal study, just don’t like the manual ordering system. As is wont with Indian customers, they don’t voice it loud and 3 of them stop shopping at the store that wants them to order manually. They just shift

to the store that offers convenient online ordering.

6. Revenue loss

All these and more result in not just reduced customer dissatisfaction but revenue loss as well. Not only do you lose a customer but you also face their wrath and their negative word of mouth. Checkout how much you are losing using the calculator

Benefits of an Online Ordering System

Smart retailers have found an easy way to overcome the above-mentioned problems and also thetop 8 challenges in home delivery. They let customers order easily. Gofrugal’s OrderEasy, helps you launch your own branded online ordering system for your retail business. Having it will help your business automate and streamline the most critical and customer-centric ordering processes, helping improve overall efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and increase your ROI. It is necessary to know the importance of an online ordering system. Here are a few benefits to get you started…

1. Easy ordering

Consumers can download your branded app from the Playstore or App store and can conveniently shop from the comforts of their own homes. Just a matter of clicks to let them choose the items and choice of delivery slots. They can also track their order status and watch them traverse all the way to their doorstep!

A  grocery store chain in Delhi, Vitasta farms, have offered this convenient mode of placing orders and scheduling deliveries to their consumers on their online ordering app and have streamlined the delivery process and improved customer satisfaction.

2. Improved productivity

The orders placed will be directly integrated with your Gofrugal POS and it takes less than a minute to convert the entire order into an invoice.

Jai Jalaram traders, a wholesale confectionery dealer in Andhra Pradesh saves a whopping 4 hours a day thanks to Gofrugal’s OrderEasy.

3. 100% accuracy

With your own branded online ordering app, your customers can select the products they want and the variants they wish without room for any manual errors. The customers get what they want – the right products – and you get what you want – more sales and happy customers.

A grocery store, Shree Kandhan Stores in Bangalore are now serving 100% accurate orders and winning happy customers with the help of their own online ordering app.

4. Systematic operation

By using the online ordering system, we will be able to reduce manpower and save time. Providing an easy ordering system for your customers will help you keep them happy. It will allow customers to order essential items from stores they trust and are familiar with.

5. Customer loyalty

Customers will start choosing your shop frequently for purchasing items because of the best online ordering system. It helps customers to make decisions without a hurry. An Easy ordering system will bring more customers by providing them with offers also it will increase their loyalty towards your shop.

6. Customized application

Retailers can choose the logo, name, and colours of the application while designing Gofrugal’s OrderEasy application. It will help them to stand unique in a market. They also can add a description of their business to showcase their offerings.

7. Enhanced orders

Gofrugal study further points out that an average online ordering app user processes 40% more orders compared to outdated manual phone calls and WhatsApp ordering. It also found out that the average purchase basket increased by a significant 33%.

All in all, resulting in healthy shopping for customers and happy sales for you!

It’s 2 years back or now!

Hundreds of business have automated their old fashioned phone call and WhatsApp ordering process with the help of Gofrugal’sOrderEasy. Holding to a manual ordering system? Embrace automation without further delay with an online ordering system for your retail business. You can either click on the below link to automate or prefer to continue losing with your punctured manual ordering system!