March - The beginning of spring is here. March brings growth—unbelievable tremendous growth—and that's what Gofrugal Gazette wants to bring to you in this edition and every edition. Dive in!

In this edition, we cover:

Product updates - Enhancement in GoSure

Advice for young entrepreneurs starting out

Important dates for businesses in April

Inclusivity in the workplace

Product updates

Enhancement in GoSure

GoSure now enables inward of items during stock take for normal month and year barcode items, expanding its functionality. Users can now seamlessly manage inventory with increased flexibility, allowing for smoother operations.

  • Enhanced flexibility: With support for normal month and year barcode items, users can now manage a wider range of inventory types within GoSure.

  • Improved inventory management: The ability to inward items during stock take simplifies inventory tracking, reducing manual effort and errors.

  • Streamlined operations: This update optimizes stock take processes, saving time and resources while ensuring accurate inventory records for better decision-making.

How can I start my new business?

"Anyone who starts out in a business must have extreme perseverance, hard work, dedication, and most importantly extensive research in the field. The business owner needs to be the first employee in every business. That is the only attitude that will help in growth. Learn how to turn negative life experiences into marketing strategies that will show your product in the right perspective."

-- Mr. K R Nagarajan, Founder, Ramraj Cotton


5 stages of discount journey

Circle the dates, plan your promotions, and delight customers!

GST returns and due dates

Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrating inclusivity

March 1 marked Employee Appreciation Day, a day dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the imperative efforts of employees towards the success and advancement of their company. We had the opportunity to celebrate and recognize businesses like Mystical Store.

Gofrugal takes pride in empowering business owners, like Xavier Kuriakose Chundelikkattt, who are dedicated to empowering employees who are differently abled. What helped Xavier execute this?

He believes everyone in society has the potential to surpass expectations and enrich workplaces immeasurably.

Strategic implementation of innovative technologies such as Gofrugal that help all employees excel in their roles.

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