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Process your transactions into meaningful financial reports that aid in forecasting your business performance, state of affairs and cash flows using financial accounting software.

Accounting is the backbone of your business, secure it with the right financial accounting software

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Simplified 1000's of businesses by making their financial accounting process easier

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The major trouble of GST calculations and filing which many businesses are going through is solved easily by Gofrugal. I am not dependent on an auditor to file my GST, I do it on my own using Gofrugal software.

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Know why small sized to large sized firms prefer accounting software for their business

Human error accounts for 41% of inaccurate numbers in manual accounting process

*Data driven from softwarepath

Accounting automation reduced 90% of manual data entry error and efforts

*Data driven from softwarepath

Key features of retail accounting software that suits for all kind of retail business

  • Masters

  • Hierarchical Accountability

  • Transactions

  • Audit trail and security

  • Banking

  • Reports

  • Statutory compliance

  • Alerts & Notifications

  • Masters

  • Transactions

  • Banking

  • Hierarchical Accountability

  • Audit trail and security

  • Reports

  • Statutory compliance

  • Alerts & Notifications

Masters that handles data for accounts

AccountsEasy's Masters let's you create and manage company, groups, ledger, bank and even cheque books as per your requirement

Add/ modify 'n' number of company along with its details like Address, GST number, PAN to reflect in all GST invoices and returns automatically based on the company selected

Add or modify ledgers like bank and cash accounts, sundry creditors, sundry debtors and map it to the appropriate ledger group if they are not available in default and set cash flow projection amount to predict the cash flow in upcoming days

Manage perfect ledger and flawless balance sheet by maintaining the correct opening balance of ledger along with transaction beginning date

Know what is performing to increase your Return on investment

Approvals and Workflows

AccountsEasy automated each transaction right from its entry till it get posted in the books

Setup a limit for your expenses by budgeting and plan the next action by choosing the enforce type - 1. Approval needed, 2. Do not allow ,3. Proceed and, 4. Warn and proceed. Budgeting can be set for different periods like monthly, yearly, quarterly and as per your time frame

Record the payments or received cash even if the accountant is not available in shop by counter person using bill enquiry and proposal. The receivable and payables will be reflected in the ledger books once the accountant approves

Approvals and Workflows

Capturing all business interactions

Transactions in AccountsEasy records each and every single interaction which automatically gets updated in the books as per the type its loaded

Record creditor's (suppliers, landowner) payments, salary payments and also adjusts the respective purchase credit bills made in POS. All modes of payment are supported (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, cheque, CMS cheque, same bank transfer)

Record debtor's (customers, tenant) collections, returns and refunds from the bank and also adjust the respective sale credit bills made in POS. All modes of payments are supported

Load, adjust and save multiple payment vouchers of multiple parties at one shot. One source or multiple sources of payment to a party? no worries, both can be managed. Both are applicable for receivables too

Let your SCM software make purchase orders

Safeguards accounting data

Intelligent security controls with access management and audit trail to protect the financial accounting data

Audit trails to log the changes made to the books of account as per MCA amendment rules

Control who does what in the organization by enabling and disabling the screens like ledger master, payments, receipts with AccountsEasy's security manager. Likewise, restrict access to unique functionalities by enabling and disabling configurations, user/ group-wise. Apart from this, set password to restrict access of any screen in the financial accounting software

Year-end, Month end and even day end process can be done to freeze the previous period transactions which restricts the users from manipulating the old data and keeps the accounting neat and flawless

Safeguards accounting data

Bank balances managed direcly in accounting software

AccountsEasy manages bank details and reconciles the book statements with the bank statement

Add bank beneficiary details (bank account number, IFSC, account holder name, bank account type) of parties to auto load while making vouchers. Also upload multiple parties details at one shot

Achieve 100% accuracy by making sure that the balance as per book is reconciled with the balance as per the bank statement by reconciling the bank e-statements (BRS) in the accounting software

Record the bank and cash (contra) transactions like cash transfer, cash deposit, cash withdraw and bank transfer using the contra. Multiple transactions of this kind can be done one by one as well as in one single shot

Reduce your storage costs based on the demand

Smart reports for clear business insights

Reports in AccountsEasy enables you to understand business performance any time any where

Get the complete update about the business insights of the day and plan the next day with the detailed reports such as daybook, cashbook, bank book, day-wise transaction summary and session wise summary

10+ Indepth reports to view all banking related function's insight from cheque status till bank reconciliation

Estimate the efficiency of an organization using the Profit and Loss (P&L) report. Expenses and income will be netted off and the gross profit/loss, as well as net profit/ loss, will be showcased

Smart reports for clear business insights

End to end accounting abiding Government amendments

AccountsEasy lets you automate tax calculation and saves your time in filing taxes of any form (VAT or GST)

Export an accurate GSTR-1 (B2B, B2CS, B2CL outward supplies, exported supplies, credit/ debit note, bill rated supplies, advance received, advance adjusted) from the tax filing web app in excel/ CSV format. The exported file is ready to upload and requires zero manual changes

Export a ready to upload GSTR-2 (B2B inward supplies, unregistered reverse charge supplies, credit/ debit note, nil rated supplies) from the tax filing web app in excel/ CSV format

Export consolidated GSTR-3B with details of Outward Supplies and inward supplies liable to reverse charge, details of inter-State supplies made to unregistered persons, composition taxable persons and UIN holders, details of eligible ITC, details of values of exempt, nil-rated and non-GST inward supplies and TDS/ TCS tax credit in ready to upload, excel/ CSV format

End to end accounting abiding Government amendments

Nothing moves without your knowledge

Stay on top of all the major financial operations that are about to happen in AccountsEasy

Convey a task/ information to any user in the accounting POS software via the private chat window

Get instant notification of any modification, deletion, or manipulation of invoices directly to your mobile phone

Right tools - Mobile based inward

GOFRUGAL - One stop solution for your complete accounting management

ICICI Connected Banking

Gofrugal partnership with ICICI bank eases the users to manage their banking activities directly from the accounting software which helps in clearing multiple payments and automates reconciliation and saves up to 75% of time spent to obtain accuracy in payments.

Tally Integration

Do you need your financial data in tally format or Excel file for your accountant or auditor? Worry not! Gofrugal's accounting software enables you to integrate directly with the Tally software, reducing manual error and efforts spent on manual entry by syncing masters, ledgers, vouchers and banking data directly to Tally, easing the filing process for you and your auditor.

Easy E-Invoicing solution

E-Invoicing was introduced to simplify the tax filing process and validate the invoices in real time to curb tax evasion. With Gofrugal, E-invoicing is available right from when E-Invoicing is launched and is much simplified as it can generate IRN and QR code automatically.

GST filing made simple

Gofrugal Tax Filing Application(TFA) simplifies the GST e-filing process by generation of ready-to-upload JSON/excel/csv files for your regular GST returns like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B. You can also perform reconciliation of input tax credit (ITC) as per your credit lying in GSTR-2A and GSTR-2B.

Generate E-Way bill on the go

An E-Way bill can be generated directly from the Tax Filing Application Portal while generating an E-Invoice, just by adding the transporter details, reducing multiple works of uploading of details in the E-Way bill portal.

Overview of retail accounting software

What is financial accounting software?

A financial accounting software is a tool that automates and simplifies the tax calculations and accounting for any retail businesses that helps in managing the day-to-day transactions and cash flow in the business. In simple words, accounting software for retail shops automates manual works and eliminates errors and manual efforts achieving 100% accuracy.

Why do businesses need a financial accounting system?

Financial accounting software is essential for any businesses. Without accounting no business can succeed. Financial accounting software manages the modules of cash, Tax, assets, liabilities. profits and losses, balance sheet, banking statements and all other financial instruments. Moreover accounting the financial transaction makes the company to understand their stability and makes their financial dealings easier and transparent to track.

What are the benefits of retail accounting software?

A financial accounting software renders the following benefits:

  • Helps in automating tax calculations and generates invoices faster with tax breakups
  • Manages complete cash flow, profit and loss statements
  • Helps in creating budgets and forecasts based on the previous cash flows
  • Gives you a crystal clear information on payables and receivables
  • Generates financial reports in one click to enable easy analysis

How to download free retail accounting software from Gofrugal?

You can download the free Gofrugal accounting software for retail businesses by clicking below.

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