Terms and Conditions of Annual License Renewal (ALR):

  • Subject to Gofrugal Technologies End User License Agreement, Support Entitlement & Gofrugal product life cycle plan
  • ALR - Annual License Renewal, i.e. extension of software validity period for 1 year from the date of previous license expiry. On time ALR renewal is mandatory to ensure your software continuity & enjoy uninterrupted services from Gofrugal. EULA (End User License Agreement) last updated on 11th June 2017, click to read change summary.
1. Services offered as part of ALR are:
  • Preventive care and maintenance with Regular & Periodic Product Patch updates
  • GST updates, Excel export related to GST return filing are complementary for on-time ALR renewal
  • Digital Support Services: Response & resolution to Tickets raised in myGOFRUGAL app (or) Chat based on the severity & priority of the issue via Self-help tools like Simple guideline videos, resolution steps via notifications, Gofrugal Kbase & Online help documents
  • Fixing of product bugs
  • All doubts & issues will be clarified with self-help videos or customers can choose to attend free Online Training webinars conducted on a regular & periodic basis to clarify their doubts. If queries and doubts are found to be additional training requirements, customers can pay and buy additional online training hours. Incase of any issue with the product identified during support, development support team will troubleshoot the issue and the resolution may take few weeks. The issue will be fixed in next service packs and maintenance releases

*Note - We are not taking the responsibility of data entry work

*Note - Gofrugal products do not require any preventive maintenance visits

2. Contacting Gofrugal and Support Ticket Management
  • Download and use myGOFRUGAL app to record your complaints and track it till resolution. You can rate your experience, happiness on every support ticket ensuring you get the best service everytime, on time. myGOFRUGAL app is mandatory to avail support, likewise also use the Chat support - from Gofrugal website, myGOFRUGAL app and directly from your Gofrugal product to reach our Assure Care experts and report the issues via text, screenshot & voice message
  • Gofrugal has invested on support management system to record, track and resolve customer issues effectively and efficiently. All the support incidents are tracked using the Support ticket ID given to the customers as soon as the issue is logged. Please quote the support ticket Id for follow-ups
  • To avail high quality service at lower cost, we encourage you to get the issues resolved by registering your complaint over myGOFRUGAL app
3. Special Services, Retraining (Services not offered as part of ALR and are chargeable additionally)
  • Annual License Renewal will not include telephone and remote support. Customers can buy pre-paid telephone and remote support add-on packages, Click here for pricing of prepaid packages. All telephone and remote support will be metered and only the actual time spent in telephone and remote support will be deducted from the pre-paid account
  • A valid ALR is required for reinstallation - in your standalone outlets or on Gofrugal HQ. Customer not covered by a valid ALR are not entitled for reinstallation.
  • Re-installation has been made simple and easy that set up can be run by customers themselves, also with help of self-help videos. If in case the customer wants Gofrugal's assistance for re-installation, Assure Care Service Charges will be applicable based on the size of database and product edition/version. Minimum One hour Coupon is applicable.
  • Prior approval has to be taken from Gofrugal by reporting it through myGOFRUGAL app or Chat, if there are changes in hard disk ID for re-installation.
  • Apart from stipulated number of training hours which Gofrugal allots for each edition purchased, you can pay and buy additional service/training hours. Click here to know the pricing for additional services/hour, You may purchase as many hours based on your business need
  • In scenarios where your employees change and they need training on Gofrugal software, you can pay and buy additional service/training hours by contacting us through myGOFRUGAL app and Chat. Based on your need we will suggest the number of hours you will need training and upon payment we will schedule the online training on a mutually accepted time (The minimum service billing period for support and training services is 1 hour, Click here to know the pricing for additional services/hour
  • Whenever your business or software needs growth, you can choose to upgrade product/Edition - upgradation charges are chargeable additionally
  • Patch and periodic maintenance updates can be applied by you in a simple manner. As simple as you update your apps in your smartphone, if you still need Gofrugal Assure Care experts help to do patch update, additional charges will apply
  • DB corruption recovery will be charged additionally. Please note 100% recovery is not guaranteed
  • Only default print profiles are FREE. Charges apply for each print profile customization
4. Payment for ALR
  • Payment can be made primarily through Gofrugal online store - www.store.gofrugal.com ,watch how you can renew your ALR in simple steps here
  • Payment can be made through Demand Draft or Cheque in favour of "Gofrugal Pvt Ltd"
  • In case of dishonoured cheques, a penal charge of Rs.500 will be levied
  • In case of late payment of ALR, Rs.1500 (inclusive of GST & local taxes) will be levied for every year of ALR payment deferred
  • If there are any outstanding ALR charges, please send the payment for the same before reaching us Assure Care team for Support
5. Product Lifecycle Plan
  • Please note that as per current product life cycle plan, RayMedi RE 4, RE 5, RE 6 and RayMedi RPOS 6.3 have been retired on December 31, 2008. Customers can choose to buy new licence of Gofrugal RPOS 7 and Gofrugal RPOS 6.5 respectively to enjoy GST updates, enhanced product capabilities, digital tools and superior 24x7 Assure Care service. Support will not be available for RayMedi RE 4, RE 5, RE 6 and RayMedi RPOS 6.3 .Read more on Gofrugal Product Life Cycle Policy here
  • NOTE : Customers would have to purchase the new license as per our latest product price list

  • Please note that as per current product life cycle plan, Distribution Edition 4 & 5 have been retired on September 09, 2015. Customers are requested to upgrade into Distribution Edition 6 at the earliest to enjoy enhanced product and superior service
  • NOTE : GST feature will be available to only Valid ALR DE6 customers

6.Third Party products such as IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL required by customer for the SQL version of the Gofrugal products have to be licensed separately from the respective vendors. The point of sale module can work with the FREE edition of the SQL database. Gofrugal will not take responsibility of installing/supporting any third party software other than Gofrugal software
7. All Gofrugal ALR prices will be applicable from the product's current list price
8. Gofrugal ALR products are not transferable
9. Gofrugal head office sends a receipt for the payment within 3 days (Gofrugal ALR / Upgradation charges must reach Gofrugal so that Gofrugal CRM system is updated with the payment history). Please do not make cash payments. For any queries contact accounts@gofrugal.com
10. Gofrugal ALR will not cover service charges due to willful misuse or negligent use or abuse of the software by the customer
11. Gofrugal can terminate the ALR plan, if the software is served / repaired in any manner by any other 3rd party without prior information to Gofrugal
12. Gofrugal will not be liable for any break or non performance or delay in carrying out any of the obligations contained in this maintenance service contract servicing the software as a result of strike, lockout, industrial / labour unrest, fire accidental damage, restriction imposed by the Government circumstances beyond our control, act of God, riot, war or any condition arising from similar causes beyond our control
13. Anything which is beyond the points mentioned above will not come within the scope of delivery and will not be a part of ALR
#Assure Care Terms first implemented on February 2007
#Assure Care Terms & Conditions last updated on October 2017