This highly loaded POS is capable of integrating with all types of POS accessories. Users reduce the waiting time of their customers at billing counters. They also prevent shrinkage loss at the front end of the store by eliminating chances for malpractices & mistakes.

Key Features

  • Provisions to capture additional information in invoice helps better tracking in cases of home delivery
  • Easy to use Product search interface helps in quick & efficient product search based on different parameters like product code, name, product alias & barcode
  • Supports EAN, UPC, GTIN, QR and custom designed bar code scan
  • Hold bill is great feature to hold a particular bill & resume it after some time
  • Facility to maintain scanned copies of important documents in the software for parcel entry tracking
  • Supports Exchange feature which allows setting of multiple exchange prices for the same product
  • Supports Exchange scheme in billing. Multiple exchange price can be defined for the same product based on condition
  • Supports retail & tax invoice
  • Quotation/Proforma/Sales Order/DN to Sales Bill conversion
  • Fix price of the product depending on purchase price or as per demand. This results in fixing optimum selling price if same product is purchased at different rates
  • Swipe card readers interface to reduce credit/debit card tender time
  • Supports all types of payment modes like Cash, Card, Coupon, Gift voucher, mixed payment tender type such as part cash, part credit card, etc
  • Auto recovery & Offline billing possible if connection with server is disturbed
  • Supports Till Management which facilitates recording of all sales, purchase details & cashing up
  • Supports exchange dues
  • Due bill payment feature allows processing of unsettled bills
  • Facility to maintain manufacturer, supplier & your own product code
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