Simple billing software to manage complete checkout operations supporting all POS accessories

Gofrugal's Billing software is designed for businesses to manage all the GST billing and accounting activities online!

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Point of sale software to delight customers with speedy checkouts. Manage end to end billing operations with minimal training and maximum security

Key Features

Begin the day with sessions for accurate cash hand over :

  • Start sessions for users with denomination-based opening cash balance entry
  • Reduce theft risks by proactively setting up till-wise maximum cash limit
  • Begin the day without dependency by automating the session creation with a preset opening balance
  • Customize the bill sequence creation using bill prefix master

Free GST billing software that automates your billing operations :

  • Add products quickly to the cart by scanning barcode/QR code, choosing it based on name/code/price information
  • Select batches for products with varying price, expiry, FIFO, and LIFO
  • Search and choose customers based on name, mobile number, or customer code. Quickly add customers right from the billing screen for the new walk-in
  • Free GST billing software automatically calculates the GST tax split up for the bill and prints in the physical invoice
  • Collect payment from customers by any of the tender methods: Cash, debit/credit card, Wallets (PayTM, PhonePe), UPI payment, loyalty card, discount coupon, and prepaid cards. Supports multi-currency as well
  • Give freedom to customers by collecting payment in multiple modes for the same bill using split tender
  • Measure service levels by capturing customer feedback using mobile kiosks or send feedback link to SMS or Email using the myPulse app
  • For customers who have less than 5 items in the cart, service them instantly using express checkout app SellQuick
  • Print a physical copy of the invoice in the desired format with the product, price, and tax info. Reprint a bill within a click for verification purposes
  • Reduce costs on paper by directly sending the invoice through SMS/Email
  • Edit or cancel a bill based on user access based bill edit and bill cancel to support customer's impulsive decisions
  • Get control of bill notifications with real-time push notifications to your decision-making app, WhatsNow
  • Supports all types of POS peripherals like printers, barcode scanners, weighing scale barcodes, cash drawer, pole display, and customer display. Know the support POS peripherals
  • Freedom to choose desktop-based invoice billing software(on-premises) and online billing software(on-cloud) based on your business needs

Free billing software for full sales cycle management :

  • Create quotation, proforma, sales order based on customer interest and convert them into a bill within a click
  • Automatic reconciliation during billing if an advance is paid during sales order creation
  • Accept sales returns with or without reference numbers by searching for customer and product info
  • Adjust the return value in the next bill using a Return receipt note (RRN)
  • Let your salesman sell more by configuring commission for each sale. Choose the salesman during billing using the name, code, or scanning their barcode
  • Speed up the delivery process by marking the home delivery bills to delivery boys right from the billing screen. To streamline your delivery operations with 100% automation, experience GoDeliver - a home delivery management app

Get repeated footfalls with personalized promotions :

  • Apply bill discount and item wise discount in % or an amount based on user access. Set limit for maximum discount value and get notified in WhatsNow app for instant discount approval from anywhere
  • Nudge customers to buy more with auto-prompt of offers applicable based on bill amount and products purchased. Supports 70+ offer families like BOGO, group offers, category-based offers, buy X get Y, etc.,
  • Expand customer based by issuing discount coupons and gift vouchers with unique id, validity, and redeem at the time of billing within a click
  • Make your customers spend more by accommodating loyalty programs and loyalty cards
  • Avoid loyalty redemption discrepancies with OTP based authentication for each loyalty redemption
  • Protect margin by configuring tender type based on loyalty points accumulation, minimum loyalty point redemption value, excluding points for products in offer
  • Be your customer's favourite store by re-crediting the loyalty points for sales return and converting loyalty points to gifts/goodies
  • Retain your loyalty eco-system as we integrate directly with popular loyalty providers like Capillary, Exclusive, M'loyal, XV loyalty, Wingzz loyalty, Easy rewards, and eWards

Uninterrupted billing even with unsupervised counters :

  • Reduce checkout queues by having multiple counters for billing, payment, and delivery
  • Till watching the dashboard to track the accurate cash on hand in each counter, shift wise and user wise
  • Less burden for your employees in reconciling the card and wallet payments. Direct integration to payment devices like Innoviti, Pinelabs, Ingenico and payment aggregators like Razorpay, Interswitch
  • Account for every penny spent out of counter by punching petty cash expenses
  • Hierarchical user privilege management by configuring role wise and user wise access control
  • Password protect each menu, screen, and operation for users Biometric-based access for approvals and billing operations
  • Password protect each menu, screen, and operation for users Biometric-based access for approvals and billing operations
  • Fiscal printer integration to protect bill tampering
  • No worries on network issues, offline billing support with the capability to auto-sync data with the server

End the day right after the business hours :

  • Spend no more than 5 minutes to reconcile day-end cash details, card and wallet payments. Verify discrepancy and close session for each counter by withdrawing balance based on denomination
  • Double check the counterbalance by printing cash handover discrepancy report
  • No dependency for the owner to stay in-store till day end, get consolidated business summary as a push notification to WhatsNow
  • 50+ reports on billing management to track business performance from anywhere with online reporting tool SmartReports

Overview of Billing Software

  • What is billing software?
    Billing software helps you delight customers while they shop and in checkouts as well as helping you manage GST billing, inventory, accounting, and purchase processes efficiently. Based on business needs, you can choose an online billing software or desktop billing software to operate.
  • Why do we need billing software?
    Growing businesses need an accurate system to record all their business transactions in a single place, giving you the power to track business performance and grow with efficiency.
  • Advantages of billing software?

    - Deliver a speedy checkout to customers by generating a bill within 3 clicks. Accept payment in all possible modes: Cash, card, wallets, UPI, coupons, vouchers, and financing

    - Capture customer information during checkout and use it later for marketing and promotions

    - One place to manage all your sales transactions like billing, sales order, sales return, quotation, proforma, home delivery, and due bill

    - Sell more and get repeated footfalls by offering discounts, loyalty, and promotions while they shop

    - Manage business without supervision by accurately tracking the cash handover, bill tampering, petty cash management, and hierarchical user access control

  • Why is Gofrugal the best billing software?
    Gofrugal GST billing software helps you grow your business efficiently by operating with minimal staff and the least skills required to use the software. Gofrugal assures 100% accuracy in business data and reliability to run a business remotely.
  • How to download Gofrugal billing software?
    You can download and experience the free GST billing software with a 30-day trial using this link
  • How to use Gofrugal billing software?
    You can use the free retail billing software and free restaurant billing software by referring to the self-help resources