Have you experienced 24/7?

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No! I didn’t mean 24th April… I meant, if you have experienced a satisfactory 24×7 support from your POS provider…. Thinking? or puzzled ?? – You should be!

Your business runs round the clock which means you are prone to come up with doubts in the POS software you use & nor can you assure that all your staff are experienced with it(*It should’ve rung a bell now*).. In such an occasion were you able to contact your POS provider to get your queries clarified? Immediately? In the channel you wanted to?

This is why GOFRUGAL – Your technology partner has put in place 24×7 Assure support to help your business run seamlessly round the clock. Leave the technology to us and, we let you focus on your business.

How do we provide 24×7 support ?

Our registered customers enjoy omni channel 24×7 Assure support, which includes

  • Live chat to reach our product experts
  • Email – write to us and you will be answered
  • Assured Pre-sales support during business hours to all registered users
  • Support on social networking sites
  • Voice support through dedicated number
  • Online help materials and videos

You reach us and we are there to answer you 🙂

Why do we call it 24×7 assure support?

We’ve established a process Service nirvana which ensures our customers experience Delight, all through the year and round the clock. Every query from our customer is lodged into CRM and our customers are provided with a Service ID, name of the person who will resolve their issue(based on the severity of the issue) & the restoration time needed. Once the query is resolved the same is communicated to the customer too.

Wanna experience our 24×7 support? Write to us @ marketing-team@gofrugal.com

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