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Supply Chain Management Software – GOFRUGAL(Wholesale & distribution Solution)

Last updated on June 2nd, 2022 at 10:44 am




We are very happy to announce the market release of GOFRUGAL Solution for Multi-outlet Wholesale Distribution and down-stream supply chain management businesses. This release re-enforces our belief that transparency is always the best policy

About 2 years back, we communicated our decision  to stop marketing Distribution Solutions. We also communicated to our customers that we will continue to support the customers using the product till March 31, 2016. While our customers and the market recognized GOFRUGAL DE product as the most in-depth and comprehensive supply chain management software to manage the distribution business, we were challenged on the business side. Distribution business was service intensive and we wanted to take time out to enhance our product & service ensuring the update to be long term, healthy for our customers

We communicated our plans to our customers with 100% transparency, we stood by our customers in supporting them well over the last 2 years & kept working on re-building the team and the product. Our transparency with the customers helped us experience a lots of encouragement and support from them. As product developers we are energized listening to their appreciations for the unique & differentiated solutions that we offered. Our sincere note of thanks to each one of you for pulling us up while we paused

We are now back with a much improved distribution solution. We have made things simpler, easier, faster and more robust. We are also in the process of upgrading and adding new modules to prepare your distribution business for the digital era


EarnSmart App

EarnSmart App

As a first step, GOFRUGAL DE 6 will facilitate more and more digital engagement with GOFRUGAL. The benefit to you is that you can be well informed of the progress GOFRUGAL is making, you can be more engaged with GOFRUGAL for support, sharing suggestions and ideas for the product and of course you can experience faster adoption of new product releases and enjoy better service experience.  we request you to download myGOFRUGAL mobile app from the Google Play Store (Android users) or Apple Store (iPhone users) and start your journey of digital engagement with GOFRUGAL

GOFRUGAL DE 6 will also evolve to support more mobility and increased digital engagement within your business between employees and with your suppliers and customers. As you know, EarnSmart is the mobile app for your salesman in the field. EarnSmart is available both for Android and for iPhone. You should download it and adopt it in your business to kick-start your digital journey. You will surely experience increased sales, reduced costs and higher profits with the adoption of EarnSmart for your business. We plan to release more such mobile apps

We are excited to launch GOFRUGAL DE 6. and very confident GOFRUGAL DE 6 will help digitize your distribution business and help you steal a march over your competition in your dynamic and fast evolving market

Look forward to your active collaboration and continued patronage in making GOFRUGAL DE 6 the preferred product for digital distribution business