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A Smart POS solution – Business Magic!

Businesses and markets are change rapidly and it is imperative that we have to stay on our toes to capture the market. Like we all know, it is always good to have a business buddy to help us in this challenging journey and support us. What if I told you all you need is only a Smart POS solution and not an actual person!

Let me explain further!

Today’s Smart POS solutions are like a multi-role performing teammate, who can help you do many things and do them efficiently as well. They are your business enablers and help you reduce cost and build business. Let’s look at some smart POS features that can help you cut cost in your business.

  • Smart Inventory management


POS solutions automate inventory management and give you smart reports which help you to check on what goods are selling and what are not selling, therefore you don’t have to buy unwanted stock and thus can reduce cost through this.

  • Cut down your billing hardware and staffing cost

costs cutting

Using Tablet & Mobile billing solutions save investments on buying new system, teaching to the new staff etc. Facts say that one can reduce upto 90% of billing hardware cost by adopting these solutions. Reduce the space and manpower used for billing and fill them up with more goods that the customer wants to see.

Also, your store will have an advanced atmosphere with your sales people moving around with tablets for billing! Pretty advanced right?

  • A smart POS solution has accounting ability


TAX and GST filling is integrated in them, this reduces your effort of taking the trouble of filing the taxes on time! This makes you save a lot of money that you spend on accounts software or the accountant. Big relief, isn’t it?

Now that you have cut cost, how can a Smart POS help you make some money?

  • Make smart decision at your outlet

dataSales and stock reports provide deep insights on your business and they can be used in a very effective manner. They help you make decisions that are fruitful to your business, be it on sales, stock management, staffing or customer relations. These reports can be accessed from anywhere, anytime!

  • Bring customer footfall again once!

capture customers

A smart POS alerts your customer at the right time and lets you connect with them with the right type of offers, giving a more personal connect and making sure they come back to your store. This is very critical considering the boom in the retail space and the number of new outlets coming up everyday!

  • Make money from empty space


With Tablet and Mobile billing in the fray, you get to attract customers into buying products which you have smartly placed in the free space left from clearing the billing bay.

More space -> More products -> More Business

You know which are the best products to place from the reports that you got earlier!

Now when a smart POS can do so much to your business, is it still a wise decision to go for a normal POS?

Not wise right?

Get yourself a smart POS right now!