Eliminating manual ordering challenges with online ordering app. A success story!

The pen is mightier than the sword.

WhatsApp is mightier than the pen.

But both are poor sales ordering tools to retailers. Because of manual ordering challenges.

Many continue to use both at their own risk.

But the smart wholesalers and retailers are shifting to OrderEasy

To smoothen orders, widen reach and strengthen profitability. Here is one such story of a wholesaler cum retailer!

The Case: Jai Jalram Traders, Adilabad, Telangana

Stage 1: Paper-and-pen order-taking

  • Customers had to queue, waiting to order a long list of products
  • Their average waiting time was 35 minutes
  • The shop had to close late every day to finish deliveries
  • Led to staff burnout and increased costs

Verdict: The first solution became their foremost problem!

Stage 2: Phone call / WhatsApp order-taking

  • Shifted to this ordering in 2018 to save time and offer better convenience to customers
  • But, found difficult to understand the handwriting of WhatsApp orders
  • Multiple calls made by staff to customers seeking clarification on orders
  • Lack of availability of stocks had to be informed later
  • All these contributed to an unhappy customer experience
  • Many customers shifted loyalties to other stores
  • Incomplete order at the time of receiving delivery made things only worse

Verdict: The solution became worse than the problem!

Stage 3: Wrong choice of app

  • Decided to automate order taking process and cater to customers seamlessly
  • Chose an online ordering app made by a local vendor
  • Inferior product, invalid working, inefficient service, insurmountable problems
  • Ended up losing Rs. 30,000, with no benefit to show for it

Verdict: Right approach, the wrong choice worsened the problem!

Stage 4: The app shift. The apt shift!

  • In March 2020, bought OrderEasy to automate orders
  • Shop’s own branded online ordering app set up in less than 3 days
  • Instant results experienced in terms of increased orders and easy ordering
  • Within a few days, all phone calls and WhatsApp orders started coming over his branded online ordering app
  • Customers could select items, mention order pick-up time and collect the order
  • The staff prepares, packs and keeps the order ready by the mentioned time
  • Smoothened and speeded up orders and deliveries
  • Customer waiting time reduced from a long 35 mins to a short 5 mins
  • 250 new customers acquired within 2 months
  • The average order value increased by 40%
  • Inventory management and purchases become more efficient and effective
  • The staff even get a comfortable 1-hour break in the afternoons
  • The Store is closed on time giving the owner enough time, rest and comfort

Verdict: Easy ordering. Easier deliveries. Easiest operations!

“Getting OrderEasy was the best decision I ever made in my life. With minimum fuss and maximum sales, it has made my bis and my life easy!” – Jaideep, Owner, Jai Jalaram traders

Say NO to the phone call and WhatsApp ordering. Say YES to OrderEasy.

Ring in success. Bring in happiness!