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Celebrate freedom to your business

GOFRUGAL wishes you Happy Independence Day. Celebrate freedom to your business with right decision, how to Choose a right POS vendor to your business? Utilize your freedom to get transparency, complete automation, security, accuracy and 24×7 support to your business.

Statistics of retailers budget

  • 40% of a retailer’s IT budgets is spent on POS
  • 78% retailers purchase new POS hardware or software decisions within the next five years
  • 23% of POS upgrades delivered ROI within a year
  • 63% of the retailers plan to increase their spending on store system
  • 8 out of 10 retail IT initiatives will be focused on store systems

POS is and will continue to be an area of importance for retailers. Celebrate your freedom, Take a step towards freedom with GOFRUGAL, Be a smart businessman, a digital retailer.