Food Travels, so did our POS

Have we all not travelled long and to the nooks and corners to treat our taste buds to the sumptuous dishes? Aryaas, India’s finest fusion restaurant which serves north and south Indian classics has made many a food lovers to visit and treat themselves in Chennai. Good food, indeed, travels. Isn’t it true for all the good things? They find their way to the aspirants

Restaurant POS customer

Restaurant POS Customer Feedback

Gofrugal Restaurant POS, also travelled to Aryaas SaudiArabian outlet, thanks to Mr. Ahmed, who manages Aryaas store operations in Chennai, recommended it as a business automation tool, considering his delightful experience with Gofrugal

We got back to Aryaas Saudi Arabia and asked them – have we been able to make their day? Here is what we were treated with – Kitchen Routing & Printing- less administrative task involved in moving the stewards around. The communication is faster and accurate

Recipe and Production Management – map ingredients to recipes and understand the consumption levels

Loyalty and Promotions Handling – rewarded customers and encouraged them for repeated visits

Along with tasty food, they were now able to enhance the experience of the the customers by providing them almost zero waiting experience; from getting their tables to producing their bills

A feature that Aryaas management were most happy with is the WebReporter, enabling them to check reports from anywhere anytime – as business reports are an integral part of actively managing any company it has helped them to predict trends and increase revenue

Restaurant  Customer Quote:

With Gofrugals WebReporter I am able to view restaurant’s performance anytime anywhere, but able to spot revenue opportunities with insight on menu/items selling..

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