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Wishing you more knowledge and more money this Dussehra – with GOFRUGAL WhatsNow

Something very special is in-store today. This Dussehra we give a revolutionary new mobile app to help our busy retailers and shop owners prosper and profit more. GOFRUGAL’s mission is to take our retailers go digital, and help them do business which is system driven and make their life and business much happier and richer

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Retailer’s today access shop information by –

  • Logging into their POS system on their desktop/laptop and searching for the right report and then looking for that crisp answer inside that long report
  • If they are outside their shop, they call to somebody working in the shop and get the information
  • Printing the long reports and carry to their homes for reviewing them at leisure
The above ways of accessing information has the following problems –
  • It is time consuming, making them impatient for information
  • Dependencies on others in the shop can lead to wrong information being provided which might impact business decisions
  • Parallax and manual errors involved in looking at long reports

Retailers have never communicated such problems, and have continued to live with it. But there was always an inherent need amongst retailers to access business information which could be fetched in seconds with simple and crisp answers.

GOFRUGAL realized this inherent need of retailers and are proud to introduce you to a whole new way of accessing business information real-time anytime with the innovative new app – GOFRUGAL WhatsNow

GOFRUGAL WhatsNow is that large foot forward in making our retailers as ‘Digitailers‘. WhatsNow is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. Ask questions and get simple and crisp information about your business anytime. When you are out in the market making purchases for your shop, WhatsNow will equip you get instant information about whats in stock? Whats price it was purchased? Which supplier gives more margin and more. When you are at home, ask questions of what is the sales figure so far? No. of bills made so far? Profit for a period and more . . .

Know more and earn more. That’s what Dussehra is about and so is about WhatsNow

A pilot release of GOFRUGAL WhatsNow is just around the corner.  Share your contact details with us and we can give you our pilot release. Take the foot forward from being a retailer to a Digitailer