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GOFRUGAL HQ Solution "Eliminates the Challenges of Multi Store Management"

“Expansion is the only way to make a profitable business for any ambitious Retailer”. When a retailer has a single store, the challenges are manageable, but when he expands further the challenges do not add but multiply!. These multi store management challenges include managing individual shops, stock flow between the non-moving stocks, supplies, pricing, promotion, accounting, security and so on.

Multi-Store Management Software

Multi Store Management Software

Owners of multi store retail business have the following to do on a day –

  • Travel and visit all the stores on different times of the day
  • Call up store managers and enquire about operations and ask for reports
  • Coordinate among the stores and warehouses to move stocks in and out
  • Analyse store wise performance and plan on next purchase and their pricing strategies

It can be very fulfilling and a feeling of a well worked up day can provide good satisfaction
But, let’s face the truth,

  • Owners travel and shuttle between stores because of lack of control otherwise
  • Reports from store managers are verified because owners are bothered about accuracy
  • Stores and warehouses will not coordinate by themselves leading to stock overload
  • Store performance are not known if owners are not available physically

It is time, We are aware

GOFRUGAL HQ Centralized business solution for multi store management can be your most dependent assistant in helping you function the way owners should be functioning. Always depend on your software to get the truth and not be calling and visiting the shops to make things work

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Today’s business owners are always on the move. They cannot afford to stop, for gathering basic details about day to day business activities. Here is where, the GOFRUGAL Head-Quarter solution emerges out as a clear winner.

Give us a missed call @08030636346 and we’ll tell you how awesome managing multi-store retail can be

GOFRUGAL has 200+ happy customers using our HQ Business Automation Solution all over the Globe with outlets ranging from 3 to 300 under all the major business verticals.