GOFRUGAL’Billing software’ for Electronics shop manages your ‘Service business’ as well

If you are a retailer selling consumer electronics, chances are you net only 5-8% of margin

The above market reality is forcing the retailers to move beyond the idea of ‘Retailing as a selling’ and provide value added services to enhance their profits.

Value added services (other than selling!) in today’s Consumer Electronics retail market –

  • Exchange used products with new products (same or different brands)
  • Provide service / repair used products
  • Sell AMC and other related services

All the above solves inherent needs of Consumers. Especially, electronics Service and repairs, because all electronic devices are bound to have ‘some problems’.

Retailers find this a huge revenue opportunity. So much so that, a lot of retailers are now taking ‘Servicing‘ out of their product selling value chain and operate it as a separate business.

But all is not easy. To being servicing as a retailer, you MUST consider this process.

Electronics Shop Service Process Flow, Billing Software

Electronics Service – Process Flow

  • Job card provide one with a unique customer asset ID, customer credentials, (please don’t forget to) take customer approval
  • Collect advance from customer and adjust against the final invoice made this establishes your credibility .i.e. guarantee your continuous flow of income!
  • Assign Job cards to service engineers as tasks (you know why it is)
  • Order for spares based on service engineer feedback, after getting approval from customer
  • Status of the Job card – will enable the front office executive to instantly respond to customers on the status of their service requests

Remember, servicing business starts with winning the Trust of your customers. Trust is established only through transparency in the way of processing customer requests, managing the flow of information, and most importantly, making the right information available to customers at right touch points.

Should you do this much? – Actually we can do it for you.

Our Service Module streamlines the business process, and provide you total control over the act of delivery in short, earn your customers’ trust!

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