H’app’y Diwali and Dhanteras!

Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights is something we have all enjoyed right from our childhood. This is the time for lights, lamps, sweets, friends and family. There is nothing in the world that is more important than some quality time with your family. From bursting crackers with your children to feeding sweets to your parents, there is happiness everywhere, in every house, in every street and in every city. 

This Diwali, burn all your worries, enjoy the sweetest moments with your family while at the same time, the lamp of your business can also glow the brightest. Forget making calls to your manager, you don’t even have to keep checking your phone for updates because this time, WhatsNow will alert you when there is something you need to know about your business. 

Reap the rewards of relaxing on your sofa while you get notifications about your business. You get notifications about almost everything from bill edits, sales made, excess stock to even fast and slow moving items. With WhatsNow, you can even assign tasks to your manager and get notifications when they are complete. WhatsNow can completely analyze your business to give you detailed real-time reports so that you can manage your business from your phone while at the same time burst a 10,000 wala with your family!


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