Introducing Chitti the ChatBot

We are living in a world everything is getting automated to make life easier for humans. Technology is taking over the world and it is becoming intelligent day by day. We, at GoFurgal, have always considered innovation as the key driver of progress and growth.

We take this GST roll-out phase, during which many of our customers will be very anxious to know about GST and the compliance of their software with GST, as an opportunity to invent an intelligent ChatBot to make assisting customers during this tense period, easy for both our customers and us.

Introducing Chitti the ChatBot.

5 reasons why GOFRUGAL GST Chatbot – Chitti is the best way to help you with GST transition now

1. No standing in queue for service – all customers can be attended for service at the same time. Every severe / urgent challenge can be attended immediately by Chitti
2. Simplest and fastest solution to a problem given by Chitti in simple steps or videos
3. Preventive Care – Chitti can understand and group similar type of questions, Assure care agents can then make a video for it and send out push notification via myGOFRUGAL and on your desktop to prevent and solve similar problems all customers can get
4. Chitti learns every second – GST is new and there are changes expected everyday and Chitti is equipped to learn new things on every interaction and serve you instantly
5. Chitti gives GOFRUGAL time to help prepare more self-help videos and training materials that will help the dynamic retail business in training new employees, learning more chapters of a software and get more out your investment

If you have any queries regarding GST or product support, please feel free to reach out to us via myGOFRUGAL app (android / iOS) or Chat With Chitti.

We’ve also made a lot of “do-it-yourself” tutorial videos to help our customers get their software GST Ready in simple and easy steps. To check out the tutorial videos, click here.