inventory IN your hands

 You have beInventory or Moneyen working everyday, noting down all your inventory transactions  for Billing software to consume.  In addition, you also work on megabytes of spreadsheets and MS-office documents. Not to mention your countless days of staying late, putting in extra efforts to ‘close the accounts’.

But are you HAPPY? Have you ever thought about it?

And over the years your business would have grown, along with the problems – multiple warehouses, chain stores, complex inventory management processes, expiry dates, GIN and other mumbo jumbo.

This only gets complicated as time passes.

This is where TruePOS becomes your ‘messiah‘.  The only scaleable inventory solution on the cloud available to you. TruePOS is a workable SaaS based solution that adapts very well to mobile devices. So, why STRESS yourself? Simply sign-up for the Free Trial.