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Why your QSR needs an iPad POS?

With the IoT – Internet of Things fever spreading across all industry, it’s high time you shift your QSR business operations to Cloud, to render a similar experience to your customers. If you haven’t experienced it yet, we tell you why you should try an iPad POS on cloud right away

Increased retail space & orders

Gone are the days when you had to struggle allocating more space to the cash registers or the POS machines. With the iPad POS in place all that you need now is to minimal space to fix up a counter and your printer. Now use this extra space to treat few extra customers! 😉

 Sell… Online & Offline

Ya I get it! QSR’s being on the move you cannot always promise to stay connected to internet. That is why we have ensured that our app stores your data not only when your internet works but when it fails too. Later when your internet is up sync the data aback to the server

Take decision anywhere, anytime, any device… real time

Being a business man is not an easy task. You will happen to travel away at times. And… when you are stay connected to the sale happening at your restaurant by accessing reports from anywhere anytime using any device.

Scale up… when you need

Every business is seeded with a basic thought in mind. To achieve high profit and scale up asap. And ServQuick is built to help you grow horizontally within the store or vertically outside the store. Ideal to help you with multi store management

 Reduces impact of power outage/ consumption

Here comes handy, another benefit. Dust off the age old cash registers/ POS machines which made your electricity bills rise up to sky. Not anymore do you have to worry about finding a place for those power consuming UPS/ POS machines to support your business

Why wait? Experience ServQuick now to keep your business updated!

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