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Life Style Apparel Retailer "Just Salwars" strongly recommends GOFRUGAL POS

GOFRUGAL customer speak


Mr.Ramesh Ramakrishnan of ‘ Just Salwars‘ ( is very happy and exited to share his experiences with GOFRUGAL.  He talks about the business benefits that he enjoys with the implementation of GOFRUGAL POS software.  He talks about the retail best practices that come along with GOFRUGAL POS software and how it benefits him to manage his business in style…!

Customer business overview:  ‘Just Salwars’, an exclusive collection of stitched and unstitched Salwar Kameez and ready to wear Kurtis.  Runs with a warehouse where purchase are done centrally and sales through Retail Showroom. Look forward to open 3 more retail stores in company owned / franchise formats by year 2012

Solution delivered:  GOFRUGAL Retail Point of Sales Software  implemented to manage Point of Sales, Inventory, Accounts & Statutory, CRM and MIS

“We started our business along with GOFRUGAL Retail POS software.  For each and every business, software is necessary.  Particularly in Retail, GOFRUGAL Technologies helped us a lot, they support well and guided us along with our business.  I can simply say, ‘Everything is good about GOFRUGAL’

In fact, without software, we could not have improved our business.  We are able to manage the inventory – monitor item wise / category wise performance, store  performance, salesman performance etc., all at ease.   Visibility on which vendors’ / manufacturer’s products are not moving is very important for us to do business.  We are able to track performance like vendor wise sales, manufacturer wise, category wise sales – design number wise sales, item wise sales etc. and track the items that are fast selling, as well as non-moving very easily.We get what we want in a click of button.

We benefit a lot because of GOFRUGAL retail POS software.  We are able to keep the inventory under control.  We can make purchase orders for specific design and keep our customers happy.  The shop lifting % is very high in India and keeping inventory always under check is very very important.  We are able to keep track of the inventory – item wise design wise very easily

Measuring sales man performance is very important for the growth of any retail store.  We are able to motivate our sales team based on their performance which reflects as improved sales

I must say that ‘GOFRUGAL has improved the quality of our life’ and we are very peaceful.  In traditional business, people cannot track everything about their business.  So, they have to come and sit from the time of store opening in the morning till store closing at the night.  But now, we feel free and whenever required, we go out peacefully because of GOFRUGAL POS software

We are in total control of our business because of GOFRUGAL.  In fact, we are nothing without GOFRUGAL.  Actually, we gained a lot implementing GOFRUGAL POS software..!”

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