Multi brand Cloud Kitchens: concept, benefits & how to manage it?

Multi brand cloud kitchens

Once upon a time, people ordered food from catering services when they had a function or a party at home. Cloud Kitchens are pretty much the same. They are restaurants without a dine-in facility. They have takeaway services alone. A term without a face before 2003 is becoming the face of restaurateurs who are competing to grab customers’ attention. Walk into this kitchen, and see how it’s cooked in here!

Why is there a buzz on Cloud Kitchen?

Cloud Kitchens are cost-effective compared to restaurants. Post pandemic, restaurants had delivery-only services. People had to order food online and found it convenient to eat at home, at ease. The Indian cloud kitchen market grew big in the past two years and will reach $2 billion by 2024. With more cloud kitchens arising, it’s hard for existing business owners to survive. It led to an idea called Multi brand Cloud Kitchens.

Multi brand Cloud Kitchen is where multiple cuisines/brands operate within a single kitchen. Rebel Foods is one such cloud kitchen company that owns Faasos, Behrouz Biryani, Oven Story Pizza, Mandarin Oak, all managed out of a single kitchen.

Benefits of Multi-brand Cloud Kitchen

  • There are no additional operational charges for handling multiple brands in the same kitchen. The equipment, chimneys, refrigerators, counters are shared by all brands.
  • People prefer to try new foods and reach out to try multiple cuisines. By having all of them under one hut, you become their preferred one-stop-shop.
  • Each brand will create a new identity and help acquire more popularity, increasing the kitchen’s profits. With more popularity, you get more customers.

Common Challenges Faced By Multi Brand Cloud Kitchen

  • With multiple brands under one roof, users have to login into multiple portals for processing orders. It is time-consuming and delays order delivery.
  • Many cloud kitchens distribute orders manually to the kitchen. Multiple brands under the same kitchen can confuse kitchen orders. Printing the order manually and delivering it to the kitchen is time-taking and needs human supervision.
  • Without proper integration of POS with food aggregator portals, there arises a high dependency situation of raising requests for every change in the application. It can confuse customers and make them unhappy.
  • Manual punching of everyday sales can be hectic and inaccurate.

Welcome ServQuick, The Magic Bullet

Gofrugal’s ServQuick is a one-stop solution that puts a full-stop to identified challenges. ServQuick is a Cloud Kitchen POS solution designed for automating order processing and creating happy customers. Hundreds of renowned restaurateurs and cloud kitchen owners have shifted to ServQuick and have reaped benefits.

How ServQuick Handles Hassles

Each brand has its menu, recipe, total sales, source of orders, consumption of goods, and so on. However, to streamline all operations and reach out to more customers, restaurateurs require accurate and reliable software that automates and centralizes cloud kitchen administration. ServQuick lets you track the order and delivery details with a single user login. Curious to know more? We have curated the list of vital features of ServQuick, which will convince you to make a wise choice.

  • Instead of relying on third-party aggregators for making menu and price changes, ServQuick allows easy integration with these applications making it easier for users to update menu, pricing, and real-time stock availability.
  • Orders from various sources are routed to respective kitchens without manual Kitchen Order Ticket printing. Thus, orders and their processing status are integrated and displayed using the Kitchen Display System, without the need for separate logins. It minimizes the time spent on each level of preparation.
  • ServQuick helps you categorize the best-selling and slow-moving items by providing a food utilization report. It helps organize a better menu and waste management too.
  • Proper inventory management enhances Cloud Kitchen efficiency. ServQuick manages separate inventory records of all brands under that kitchen.
  • Instead of manual punching for sales, ServQuick has a reliable session management feature that enables the users to track the overall sales made during a session, thereby eradicating calculation errors. The discount rates of aggregator and vendor (restaurant) are included automatically during sales.

Happy customers of ServQuick:  

Multi brand Cloud kitchens success stories

Shift to ServQuick and manage multiple brands in a single kitchen using the right POS solution to captivate more minds, capture more customers and create more sales.

And end up owning a Proud Kitchen!

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