Gofrugal OrderEasy, the Online Ordering App relaunched to work without POS/ERP 

The online ordering app,Gofrugal OrderEasy reinvented to work without POS or ERP software

“If small retailers show their preparedness to invest in technology along with hard work, they can surpass their competitors and grow consistently”, Mr. Kumar Vembu rightly pointed out at the TNVSP Trade Expo 2023. We are in the era of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and Robotics. Digital solutions are replacing manual interventions to run business processes swiftly and accurately. Online trading has become part and parcel of any business. Being present online and managing the show efficiently is the need of the hour for any business owner, for that matter. Achieve it with your branded online ordering app.

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The origin of the online ordering app:

Gone are the days when getting tied to e-commerce players was the only solution to making your brand visible online. Online ordering apps started giving major relief from being subjugated to e-commerce companies. SMEs started contemplating to get their own apps built to be available online for their valued customers. “Going digital? I am not an IT person, nor can I afford to employ one paying a high salary.” that may be the thought lingering in many of the retailers’ and restaurateurs’ minds. No worries; you can get transformed with minimal staff and the least skills. Get it done with Gofrugal OrderEasy!

Online ordering app without POS, now from Gofrugal OrderEasy:

The online ordering app was quite convincing for all businesses, irrespective of their size, to reach an increased target audience. But the technology could not convert all potential prospects and leads into customers, as the requirement for a POS or ERP was mandatory. It was a lose-lose situation for business owners without POS, and technology providers. If huge commissions and dominance were the pain points of e-commerce providers, the POS dependency was the one with online ordering app developers. Gofrugal, one of the pioneers of online ordering app development, made their way through by extending the usability in the fullest form for both POS and non-POS users. Yes. The newer version of OrderEasy is now a universal solution for all retailers and restaurateurs aspiring to go online.

Gofrugal OrderEasy, the online ordering app without POS, is launched!

The launch of the product, OrderEasy without POS, happened on the 5th of May at the Trade EXPO 2023, Erode, organized by the TNVSP (Tamilnadu Vanigar Sanga Peramaippu) and YEF( Young Entrepreneurs Federation). The event brought numerous tradespeople together to showcase their products in one place, and there could be no better opportunity to educate them about the newer version of OrderEasy that would play a major role in managing their online orders.

All those retailers and restaurateurs who were taking a rain check to venture into an online ordering app for want of a POS or ERP, can now reconsider it affirmatively. With a trial license, you can kickstart your online business with only the login credentials, skipping the POS registration procedures completely.

 “Software experts from Gofrugal have come up with an app that will be useful to sellers of all categories of businesses, to grow faster. The app is designed in such a way that both the sellers and their customers are equally benefited”

Vanigar TV

With the growing increase in competition among all business sectors, the only way to secure a constant place in the market, is by going online and adopting the right technology. The per capita income of an Indian citizen is growing at a tremendous pace, and to harness the proportionally increasing purchasing power, one must get transformed digitally.”

Mr. Kumar Vembu, CEO, Gofrugal Technologies

What are the benefits of OrderEasy, the retail ordering app without POS?

Upload images from the order management portal:

You can create items and categories with their images uploaded straight from the order processing portal and get them displayed in the app.

Process and track orders precisely:

All orders received can be processed through the order management portal. Right from receipt of the order to delivery at the doorstep the status of the order can be tracked, updated, and notified seamlessly, ensuring a pleasant customer experience.

Perform deliveries efficiently:

Doorstep deliveries are much sought after, along with online ordering, and scheduling deliveries based on desired slots would help achieve hassle-free deliveries. Also, by performing safe and right deliveries, the delivery radius can be enhanced, and you can serve more customers.

Provide multiple payment options:

You can get almost all the online payment modes integrated with your order management system, aligning the market updates, to give customers wider flexibility and choice, for a swift checkout.

Set offers and trigger recommendations:

With frequently changing shopping trends, it is imperative that you work on tailor-made promotion strategies that would be unique to your customers to retain them. You can set offers and discounts and notify customers periodically, and them effectively. With AI-powered recommendations, you can upsell and cross-sell your products by triggering attractive combos and new arrivals.

What is the onboarding procedure for OrderEasy without POS or ERP?

online ordering app without POS onboarding

The online purchasing population is expected to increase by 3 times in the next five years. It is now your responsibility to adopt the right technology to establish your online presence. I would recommend a branded online app as the right technology to reap the fruits of your hard work. With procedures and formalities for the requirement of a base product now solely your choice, taking your business online is easy and economical, and you can become operational the next day. The launch event of the online ordering app without POS is generating a good number of leads, and it is time for you to get registered for the app as early as possible to enjoy the early bird offers.  

online ordering app without POS launched