OrderEasy PWA: Importance and Advantages of PWA in Retail Business

There are times when too much of a good thing becomes bad. Like having too many channels on TV and wondering which one to watch. Or like having too many apps in the mobile and wondering which one to keep; and which one to use!

Especially, your customers. We realize many of them are hesitant to have one app just for online grocery shopping, like in your case OrderEasy. They would rather use inefficient methods of online ordering, namely calling or messaging. These methods are inferior, ineffective and filled with errors and resultant headaches.

If downloading an app for online ordering is your customer’s problem, may we present you with a simpler solution. An easier and adaptable technology that’s so easy and convenient that every top e-commerce brand is using it today. Introducing OrderEasy PWA (Progressive Web App).

What is OrderEasy PWA?

It is an app interface that’s optimized for mobile browsers that works like a webpage and with the ease of an app, thus giving the advantages of both platforms. Imagine the times you opened a site like Flipkart on your mobile. It automatically loads the web app since it’s optimized for mobile phone browsers, making shopping easy. OrderEasy PWA offers the same easiness and breeziness as much as comfort and convenience to your customers when it comes to online ordering.

OrderEasy PWA doesn’t require a separate back-end. Launching a Web App is easier compared to launching a web page. The native app is referred to applications that you expect your users to return to every time they want to shop. PWA is no different.

Advantages of using OrderEasy PWA:

  • App-like lighter interface: Though it opens in a browser, it is an app, but with a faster interface
  • Convenient shopping experience: Easy-to-use interface makes it way more convenient for users to shop
  • No download required: You don’t have to install the PWA, it’s a URL. Plus, it consumes 80% less data and less memory on your device
  • Platform independent: It runs on both Android and iOS phone browsers
  • Easy to update, and promote: You can update a PWA in real time. And being just a link it becomes easy to promote it
  • Loads faster: Being easy to access, lightweight, and less memory consumption makes it faster to load/operate
  • Increased user adoption/Order conversion: Customers will have an additional platform to place orders
  • Safe and Secure: With the SSL certified sub-domain link (https://), your data is very safe and out of reach from any harmful entity

You may want to educate your customers about the ease of online ordering with OrderEasy PWA. Many retailers like you put up posters within their outlets, or had their staff educate about PWA to their customers have enjoyed increased usage of the online ordering app and enhanced patronage from their customers. Interestingly, retailers who offered a small incentive, in the form of a first-time order discount, saw many tens of customers shift to the new PWA form of online ordering.

One of the OrderEasy PWA users, Vitasta Farms, an online essential retail chain in Delhi, eliminated their manual order processing thanks to the OrderEasy web app. Now, more consumers explore the prices and experience the app without downloading it. As a result, there is a 30% increment in their online orders.

You may want to try it!