Top 7 Features of an Online Ordering System for Retail Business

GOFRUGAL’s retail online ordering system, OrderEasy has the 7 key features that your customers would love. Learn how to use features to boost your online ordering, sales & more!

If you are a retailer, brace yourself for some bad news. 3 out of 10 customers have already shifted to your competitors’ online ordering apps. Winning them back isn’t going to be easy. The good news is, you still have a chance to win the other 7. This blog will show you how!

Reckless times, ravaging covid and resulting chaos have tied up customers to the only safest place in the world – their homes. While they still buy their products, they prefer to do them from the comforts of their own home sweet home. They do their shopping, by not being mobile, but sitting at home with their mobile. As a retailer, it’s time you take your store to your customers. It’s time you let them order online and order easy. It’s time you shifted to a robust and agile retail online ordering system from a manual ordering system. It’s time you knew how to choose the right one.

Online Ordering System for Retail Business

Online ordering systems for retail businesses help you to stand out from your competition in the market. GOFRUGAL’s retail online ordering system enables you to take orders from your customers digitally by providing an online ordering system or application. GOFRUGAL’s retail online ordering system optimizes employee and operational efficiency. The product is delivered according to the customer’s requirements, resulting in maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty. The efficiency and accuracy of order processing are increased with retail ordering systems over manual ordering methods.

Top 7 Features Your Retail Online Ordering App MUST Have

1. Create dynamic menus, colourful banners and personalized product recommendations

Once they register your app, customers wish to know your new arrivals, fast-moving products and recommended items so they can quietly navigate and quickly complete their shopping. A solution like OrderEasy, helps you customize your home screen with attractive banners, personalised product recommendations and attractive offers so your customers can shop seamlessly; and stay with you endlessly!

2. Display Real-time inventory

Your customer may be going online but, remember, they are still the same customer. They still like to shop the same way they did in your outlet – by first seeing what’s in stock. A Gofrugal study found that non-display of stocks leads to 20% inaccuracy in order fulfilment and customers just leave. An online ordering system should provide a unified omnichannel experience and display real-time inventory so customers can find it easy and shop easy.

Gofrugal OrderEasy can also create a sense of urgency by sending an alert when your stocks go below a certain number. Jai Jalaram Traders, an A.P retailer relished 100% accuracy in orders, thanks to OrderEasy, and enjoyed 100% growth in customers!

3.Pull the users with push notifications

To push your profits, you must push your customers; to you. A good online ordering system should enable you to send push notifications about new products, attractive offers and exclusive services. OrderEasy users enjoy 87% better engagement, 28% increase in conversions and 300% higher customer retention, thanks to this feature.

4. Let customers book their delivery slot

To perform convenient and successful online grocery deliveries, you should display delivery slots in the online ordering app and let customers book their convenient slots. With Gofrugal’s OrderEasy, you can also limit the number of orders per slot to streamline operations, improve productivity and enhance the customer experience. So, you can enjoy watching happy customers and their happier shopping!

Vitasta Farms, an online grocery chain in Delhi, uses OrderEasy and offers customers such convenience in scheduling deliveries on their app. They have reduced order processing costs, streamlined the delivery process and improved customer satisfaction.

Smart Tip: When you have a manpower shortage, you can simply disable the delivery option and enable the ‘Pick-up’ option and make customers come and pick their orders. Of course, you won’t find this feature anywhere else, but only in OrderEasy!

5. Accept multiple payment modes

Gone are those days when cash used to be the only mode of payment. In today’s fast-paced world, customers prefer the ease of online payments. With online payments, you can get a guaranteed order ensuring convenience and safety to your customers. So, empower your online app to enable online and offline payments; so, you get more orders and more money – both online and offline!

6.Provide a real-time order Tracking

Post the payment, your app should be able to inform the customers through notifications, SMS and in-app order history about the real-time order status and provide a Swiggy-like order tracking experience.

7. Offer an easy to use Progressive Web App (PWA)

With tens of apps vying for space on their mobiles, customers wonder if they should download one more. They prefer to experience a new app before making it their regular. Gofrugal presents you with a simpler solution. An easier and adaptable technology that every top e-commerce brand is using today – Progressive Web App that runs on a mobile browser and that can be accessed with a click; making it easy and convenient.

Online Ordering systems are just that. They let customers order more, order easy and order at their convenience. A smart app like Gofrugal’s OrderEasy is equipped with all the online ordering system features and ensures you boost your sales, build loyalty, brighten your prospects and better your business. You will get the remaining 7 customers. And with luck, the first 3 too!